Scholarship In Canada for International Students

This page features Scholarship opportunities in Canada for International Students.

Canada remains a hotspot for students seeking to study abroad. However, as great as studying in the country sounds, it does not in any way come cheap.

It requires a lot of financial commitment to be able to successfully pull off studying there.

The good news is that there a number of Scholarships available to International Students to assist them in making their dreams of studying in Canada a reality.

Scholarship Opportunities In Canada for International Students

Scholarships in Canada are provided either by the Canadian government, the universities themselves or other organizations in the country.

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University of Manitoba

This Scholarship is open to International Undergraduates to study in the University. It is funded by the University and open to eligible Undergraduates. The university also has graduate programs available in their Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This is awarded to International Students who perform excellently well, show themselves as outstanding Leaders and are involved in Student affairs and Community Service.

It is a part of the University of British Columbia International Scholar’s Program.

Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award

This award is for students that are from poor or war-affected areas who have despite all achieved academic excellence. It is also a part of the University of British Columbia International Scholar’s Program.

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Vantage One Excellence Award

This is the third award in UBC’s International Scholar’s Program and is available to students that don’t yet meet the University’s English Language requirements.

Banting Post Doctoral Fellowships

This Scholarship is awarded by the Canadian government to International Students undertaking their Post graduate study in Natural and Social sciences or in health research.

IDRC Research Awards

IDRC stands for International Development Research Center. This is awarded to students from developing countries interested in taking a Masters or Doctoral (PhD) research award in any recognized Canadian University. It is also offered by the Government.

NSERC Post graduate Scholarships

These Scholarships are funded by the National Sciences and Engineering Research council of Canada.

They are comprised of various Canadian government scholarships, grants and awards available to outstanding students undertaking study in the natural sciences or engineering at an accredited Canadian university.

Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

These are Scholarships for international students undertaking animal research at a doctorate level at an accredited Canadian university in Québec or British Columbia.

Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

The Trudeau Foundation offers a number of scholarships, fellowships and mentorships to international students at doctoral level undertaking study in Canada at selected institutions.

The foundation also has a Leadership development program.

The Foundation’s leadership program aims to empower Scholars to have meaningful impact in their institutions and communities.

It does so by equipping Scholars with key leadership skills, instilling in them values crucial for Engaged Leaders.

Concordia University International Undergraduate Awards

There are various scholarships for international students to study in Canada at Concordia University in Montréal, open to international students at undergraduate level.

In Summary

There is a wide variety of Scholarship opportunities available to International Students in Canada. It’s helpful to find the ones best suited to you and to apply for multiple scholarships in order to increase your chances.

Hopefully, this helps you in achieving that.


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