Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In Nigeria

This guide features the top 10 best insurance companies in Nigeria.

An insurance company is one that provides ranges of insurance policies to protect individuals as well as their businesses from risks and financial disaster.

To secure your business for a better future, insurance companies serves as the best option. People buy insurance to avoid misfortune, as no one in fully in charge of what happens tomorrow.

However, before choosing an insurance you will need to consider the following,

·         The credibility of the company. You need to be sure that the company has been legally approved and accredited by the government.

·         You also need to check if I the strength of the company. This means that you need to be sure of the stability of the company especially during deflation. So that you won’t be getting your business into unsaved hands.

·         Be sure to make further inquires about the company. However, in this article, we will provide a list of trusted top insurance companies you can rely on. There are;

1.       AIICO Life Insurance Company

American International Insurance Company was established in 1963. In line with being an insurance company, it is also an asset and pension management firm.

Their services includes; life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, general insurance and special risks, pension management, assets management, home insurance and so on.

They offer the following policies as well; corporate saving plan, education investment plan, term assurance plan, income investment plan, electronic equipment investment plan and so on.

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2.       Leadway Life Insurance Company

 Leadway insurance company was established in 1970. It operates online and can be reached out via their social media platforms.

Their insurance services are; general business insurance, life insurance, and pension insurance.

Aside insurance services, Leadway also offers Allied Financial Services which includes: secured credit, financial loses, portfolio management and others.

They offer the following policies also; Lead way savings plan, Personal savings plan, Educational savings plan, Family benefit plan, Money policy plan, Deferred annuity plan, Term assurance plan and so on.

3.       AXA Mansard Life Insurance Company

AXA insurance is a branch of AXA Group which have over the years served millions of clients in more than 60 countries. They remain the best when it comes to insurance and assets management.

They are also well known in Nigeria and remains the most popular amongst other insurance company. They are focused on providing life insurance, accident insurance, house insurance and on-life insurance services to businesses, organizations or individuals.

The following policies are offered in this company; life savings plan, health plan, student protection plan, retirement savings plan, money market plan, instant plan, general protection plan which includes business and tourism, Easy care plan etc.

4.       Custodian and Allied Life Insurance Company

This company was established in 1997. They offer the following services; life insurance and general insurance.

Their policies are; Capital plan, Auto insurance plan, Investment plus plan, Travel insurance plan and others.

5.       Industrial and General Life Insurance Company Plc

 This company was established in 1991 as a private owned firm. Their services were mainly pension and special risks management. 

In 1992 the company started offering services on life and general insurance. In 2007, the company was registered as a public limited liability company.

They offer policies plan such as; mobile phone insurance plan, health insurance plan, group life product plan, engineering insurance plan, general business insurance plan and marine insurance plan.

Other top insurance companies include:

  • Cornerstone Insurance Plc
  • African Alliance Insurance Company
  • Continental Insurance Company
  • Lasaco Assurance Plc and
  • Goldlink Insurance Plc.

In Conclusion

The above listed companies are the top best insurance companies in Nigeria as of this moment.

So if you are looking for where to secure your business, life and properties for the future, you can try any of the companies we discussed here.

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