How To Convince Foreigners To Do Legitimate Business With You In Nigeria

It is no doubt the increase in cyber crimes has made foreigners sceptical about doing any kind of business with anyone from Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria.
The moment you mention you a Nigerian in business forums with people from different countries, most people begins to avoid you like a plague. As a result of this, thousands of business ideas that would have solved one problem or the other do not receive the much needed support from the international community and with time dies completely.
I remember meeting a man in 2016 at Benue State who was producing a Generator that doesn’t use petrol or water and is capable of staying 6 to 12 months without the need of being serviced. 
While talking with me , the man lamented how the activities of some Nigerians who are into internet crimes (Yahoo-Yahoo, Yahoo plus etc) has made several international organisations, companies and even individuals he has written to about his work not to take him seriously, thinking he might just be one of those fraudsters.
As painful as his story is, he is just one out of so many Nigerians that have lost different opportunities to partner with foreigners to do a legitimate business right here in Nigeria.
If you are searching for how to easily convince foreigners to do a legitimate business with you, the insights you get from this post will be of a great help to you. Just keep reading!
How To Get Foreigners To Trust You And Do Legitimate Business With You
Here is what and what you need to do to get foreigners to trust you and do a legitimate business with you in Nigeria.
1. Do not “form” accent. Be very Real
Unless you have lived in the foreigners country for long periods of time , do not start “forming” their accent when you communicate with them.
Be very real and speak exactly the way you used to on a daily basis. 99 percent of the time, they already know you have a different accent and not expecting you to blend in to theirs. Avoid words like “I wanna,” I gonna,” “Ama do this or that” etc.
When you are talking with an American unless you are living there presently 99% of the time , you end up using such words wrongly and looking like a dummy.
Imagine telling an American “Hi buddy, I gat a biz deal that’s gonna make you rich if you wanna gimme a try. Ama telling ya, you ain’t seen this kinda money before.”
 Trust me, he will just rush to look up your profile and once he detects anything outside “American” he will conclude you are a scammer and cut ties with you immediately.
2. Keep The Conversation Formal
In striking a business deal with foreigners, you must learn to keep the conversation very formal. Avoid unnecessary slangs and words.
For instance “Good morning ma, your recent picture on your profile looks so hot and sexy I wish I could just squeeze those things you got in up there in your front and behind. Meanwhile I have a multimillion dollar business idea I would like to show you so we could join our resources together and develop it.”
If you send something like that to foreigner whom you just recently met with the hope of getting a meaningful reply, you might as well wait forever!
Always keep the conversation formal even when the potential partner or investor tries diverting the conversation, most times it could be a test.
3. Get Your Business Registered With CAC
The Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the the body that is responsible for registering and issuing a business certificate from the Federal Government guaranteeing the legitimacy of your business.
Do not underrate the power of that certificate at all. It can open a whole lot of doors for you both within and outside Nigeria.
Ensure you get your business fully registered with CAC regardless of how young it is or its financial strength. Unless you want to keep playing the local league when it comes to expanding your business and maximizing your business or potentials.
One of the commonest way to convince foreigners that your business is legitimate is to show them a government issued certificate with the business name and registration number clearly written on it for verification purposes.
4. Have a Government Issued Identity Card
It is shocking that even in 2019, there are still some Nigerians without any form of government issued ID cards. No National ID, Voters Card, Drivers Licence or International Passport.
How then do you prove you are a Nigerian to a foreigner? You want to use your birth certificate or NEPA bill? Lol.
Find time to visit NIN or Voters Card registration centres and get a valid ID for yourself sir! We are in 2019 for crying out loud, not 1800BC.
Always keep a snapshot of that your ID card on your most used device (Phone, Laptop etc) and be ready to present it to a foreigner whenever the need arises.
5. Avoid “Begging” For a Deal Or Partnerships
Present your ideas in such a way it will easily convince anyone who comes across it to strike a deal with you, but by all means avoid “begging” for it.
You know what I mean by begging for it? Here is a sample:
“Hi Mr. Steve Sandman, my name is John and I come from a very poor background in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, for the past 20 years my family has been going through hell and now God wants to uplift us by giving me this great idea that is capable of making me a millionaire in less than a month and changing our lives forever. Please let God use you to end our suffering as you partner with us in this business deal with $10,000.”
That is pure rubbish, trash! No foreigner will ever partner with you in business simply because your family has been suffering for the last 1000 years. Don’t deceive yourself bro.
They are out to make money as well and want to hear about your business deal and what they can get out of it. Not about your suffering.
6. Develop A Proper Business Plan/Proposal
Do not just copy craps from the internet and send to foreign organisations or individuals in the name of a business plan or proposal.
Get professional writers to write them for you. If you must pay for it, do so knowing its worth.
7. Have An Online Presence
There is something seriously wrong or “mysterious” about a businessman or company that is not on any known social media or own a website. These are the first places foreigners turn to when they want to verify the authenticity of your business.
Don’t be an “Oga Bonny” that sees the social media or anything internet as evil. Get on social media and meet people from different parts of the world. You never can tell how far that will go towards changing your life and business.
I hope you find this guide useful. Feel free to add yours in the comment section below this post.

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