Top ten scammer countries in the world

Top Ten Scammer Countries in the World

 In today’s article, we are looking at the top ten scammer countries in the world. Scamming is now rampant and a lot of people are falling into it every minute on the internet.

You might have been robbed or duped? When this is the case, you’re in for a real treat! A gang of armed robbers is no longer necessary in the age of technology to commit a hostage situation.

You don’t need to leave the safety of your residence to improve your cyber operations. People will always find a way to take advantage of any holes in the system, no matter how much security is being put in place his

With this list of top ten scammer countries in the world, it will help you to be aware of their criminal activity being careful with dealing or having an encounter with them.

Before we look at the top ten scammer countries let us rush a little to know more about internet scams and how to avoid internet scams.

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What Exactly Are Internet Scams?

Scams on the internet are always changing and taking on new formats. Deception or exploitation of others through the use of technology or services that are offered through the internet is what the word “cyber swindlers” normally refers to.

Personal or business email accounts, social media, online dating, and perhaps other ways may be used by cybercriminals trying to acquire income or some other vital personal details.

A common conclusion to a successful web fraud is as follows: Sometimes they forfeit his\her personal cash or they don’t get the cash they were guaranteed either by a scammer.

How to Avoid Internet Scams

To prevent online fraud you have to have a solid payment system that is completely protected, such as a credit/debit card Security code, is a good place to start.

Be very smart when doing any business online.

Top Ten Scammer Countries in the World in 2022

Below are the top ten famous scammer countries in the world in 2022.

1. Nigeria

Scam victims are most likely to be scammed in Nigeria, which is number one on my listing of the world’s top 10 scam countries. Even though you live in your very own country, you will certainly come across some form of fake or sensationalized news.

Before. Participants request one’s bank details to transfer funds to you, and they’ll use that information to defraud all your money.

After credit card theft, gold purchases and internet dating were the second and third most popular crimes committed in Nigeria. Credibility scams, bogus documentation and asset transfer of funds, and phony web pages were also common crimes.

2. India

A trip to India would be incomplete without coming across at least one fraud or somebody attempting to defraud you.

One scam cab drivers employ to swindle people off is claiming they don’t know how to get to your destination. They’ll volunteer to take guests to a more luxurious hotel.

Another scam in the Jaipur area is the importation of the jewels commission. Tourists are targeted by jewel trader, who persuades them to part with their money for fake jewels.

Because of their commission permission, one would be requested to import them into the United States, and afterward sell goods to some of his imaginary eager colleagues in their home country for a higher price. The Mysterious Controversies of Indian Swamis are also interesting to you.

3. China

Even the general public has been victimized by Chinese scams, which have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years.

Parents are tricked into believing their children could get into university regardless of their actual marks, which is one tactic they employ.

She declares, “I’m Your Partner’s Mistress.” It’s also possible for them to blackmail families by texting their wives links to see their spouses’ photos when they promptly click on and attack their phones with a Banking Trojan, which gives them access to their credentials and photos.

Individuals who make money by convincing people to receive medical help at a certain hospital are known as “Medical Scalpers” in Beijing. First, they tarnish the hospital’s good name and professionalism to make you mistrust them, and you will trust them because of this.

They’ll take you to either a clinic of their choosing, where you’ll be subjected to a battery of pointless and expensive examinations.

4. Brazil

Scammers have a strong presence in Brazil. It has been talked about how gorgeous women in Brazil pose as scam artists to dupe unsuspecting victims.

2016 Olympic Games were tarnished by a rise in petty theft. The kidnapping of currency exchange bank employees is also a common occurrence.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you’re in Brazil enjoying a wonderful time. You’re out for a walk when the Brazilian police pull you over for questioning. The officer tells you that you were detained because you had illegal currency on you.

As it turns out, the bogus bank notes found in your pockets and bags are real! How did that even happen, and how can we explain it?  Organized fraud is at work here. When you purchased trinkets from a street market dealer just five minutes earlier, he offered them to you as change on justification.

After then, he notified his companions, who would be pretending to be cops, about the situation. To get out of this, they’ve “arrested” you and suggested that the only option to do so is by handing over money.

Travel scams to Brazil are also popular, particularly when hot places like Rio de Janeiro are on everyone’s minds.

For “new” travel firms, con artists design wonderful websites with fantastic last-minute offers for trips to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Would it not be great if you could tell all your relatives how cheap your trip to Rio was?

For a month at a time, scammers set up false travel companies, attracting hundreds of eager visitors that deposit just one moment, and afterward shut down the “company.”

5. Pakistan

Several security agencies have warned people against military scams. Military personnel is used by scammers to appear as top officials to take people’s photos and use them to defraud those on dating websites and social media.

Scammers now are acting as the Pakistani military, and they’ll find a way to want you to hand over money. To steal anything on your computer while trying to blackmail you for cash, hackers install a virus on it.

6. Indonesia

One of the most exclusive countries, Indonesia seems to have a history of being rife with scam artists. Make sure you’re aware of the dangers of being duped if you’ve been intending to visit Indonesia.

Due to the sophistication of Indonesian scammers, they don’t need to identify who someone is to defraud someone.

When it comes to paying their bills online, Indonesia is one of the world’s most fraudulent countries despite being one of the inexpensive and most accessible destinations from India and Asia.

7. Venezuela

Online dating and fake government securities are just a few of the frauds perpetrated since the economic growth fell apart.

A VEF6.3 dollar is now worth seven times as much on the black market as the VEF6.3 it has in the government’s vaults. There was an 800% rise in costs for consumers in 2016 and an 18.66% decline in the economic system.

Due to this, there was a significant drop in employment creation and a shortage of goods in local stores. Large-scale scams were made possible by the confluence of this and other factors.

8 South Africa

There was no other option for scammers in South Africa but to target the banking markets. Financial institution frauds cost South Africans the most in 2015, thus according to data from the University of Johannesburg Center for Cybercrime.

As reported by the Gauteng provincial government in Gauteng province: Phishing, browsing statements of financial accounting websites, and receiving misleading SMS notifications of banking transactions or transfers had all been documented.

9. the Philippines

As well as conventional relationship frauds, among the most prevalent methods mostly in the Philippines is the familiar face, where one pretends to recognize someone and then takes one on a tour of the city where you will be later looted.

Another method of enslaving you is through the practice of horse-trading trading. Once you have agreed on a rate only with the operator, they switch shifts and the newcomer gets along and demands an amount roughly ten times higher than the previous one.

 10. Romania

When arranging a visit to Romania, be aware this is not a peaceful area. Due to a long price reduction, hardship or immorality is very much in the news.

In our ranking of the world’s largest most defrauding countries, Romania stands just at bottom of the heap but has a fraudulent crime level that pales in comparison. Beware out for snares!

Giving cash internet or utilizing online dating apps has become a habit for you. When dealing with Romanians, your risks of getting duped or conned are indeed increased.


These top ten scammer countries in the world are countries that are very noted for their fraud activities. Some human beings are out to defraud others of their money and valuables. You just have to be careful, and make sure your credit cards are well protected. Hope this article was helpful, you share it with your families and friends so they get the awareness of these criminal activities. 

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