15 Best Cousin Matching Tattoos

15 Best Cousin Matching Tattoo

Have you ever wondered about having a tattoo with your cousin? Here are my 15  best cousin’s matching tattoos that look so lovely.

Having a tattoo is indeed a great way to show the world who you are. A distinctive artwork that speaks to the inner soul is displayed in front of the world for others to see. People often wonder, “What does it even one mean?” if you do have tattoos.

The fact that you can brag endlessly about how wonderful your cousin is if you get a best friend tattooed together means that you do not even mind being questioned about this all the time.

The meaning behind these best cousin matching tattoos is so grand. No matter the distance, you will forever be linked to each other and that’s really what family is all about.

Best Cousin Matching Tattoo

Here are wonderful best cousin matching tattoos. Each of these tattoos has a unique meaning.

1. She’s the Sun to Your Moon

The well-known saying “I love you to the moon and back” is a wonderful way to convey your feelings for someone. A hand-held version of this device is already available for purchase. This sentiment isn’t exactly reflected in the sun to your moon tattoo, but it is a fantastic method to demonstrate your love for the people you care about and is very near to the classic line. You and your cousin can both get forearm tattoos of the sun and the moon. The shapes and patterns of the sun, moon, and other heavenly bodies are fascinating works of art in themselves.

2. Like vines, you Intertwine

Your cousin and you have been entwined since childhood thanks to such beautiful flowers. Love will strive to evolve and blossom, so like the trees in our surroundings. For the sheer reason that I adore all things vivid and beautiful, the blue flowers used here are one of my favorites. This tattoo has a lot of connection with you and your cousin.

3. Diamonds are Forever, Just Like you and your Cousin

Your relationship with your cousin is just like a diamond: it will last a lifetime. This sounds so emotional like seriously. A diamond tattoo is a perfect way to show your love for each other. If you and your cousin both like the color, you can do it in any color you like.

4. Infinity Arrows

It’s common for a single arrow tattoo to represent excellent protection. Even in the face of adversity, your cousin is always there for you and always will have your support. It’s clear that her shielding extends to infinity and even beyond, thanks to the infinity symbol on the arrow. It’s just so amazing.

5. You are Just Two Paper Airplanes Flying

Even if you’re a novice tattoo artist, you never have to spend a fortune on corresponding cousin tattoos. The idea of marking two flying paper Aeroplanes on their wristband, for example, may have crossed your mind. Just like 2 pieces of planes in the air, the tattoo symbolizes your journey together. In addition, their understated aesthetic conveys the simplicity of the bond you share – nothing more, nothing less.

6. These Burrito and Taco Taco are Too Cute For Words

I’m in love with these taco and burrito tattoos, with their happy grins & merry arms. Despite their cuteness, they’re not suitable for tattooing. My stomach is rumbling, and I’d rather consume at Chipotle rather than consume those two.

7. When Your Friendship Flowers Like a Pretty Rose

One of the greatest cousin tattoo ideas is a rose, which represents love and will be a popular choice for tattoos. Roses are also a sign of love because of their thorns, which makes them a fantastic choice for a tattoo to express your cousin’s enduring bond. Because you care so much for your cousin, this tattoo shows that you’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

8. Ohana Which Means Family

“No one gets left behind or abandoned,” as the song goes in the Lilo & Stitch universe. With this Ohana ink, users won’t be able to erase their best friend again. If you want a constant reminder of your Ohana, consider having it tattooed on the back of your wrist instead of on your back. It still looks just as fine as the back.

Ohana tattoo
                                                    Ohana tattoo

9. Show to the World That Girl Power

If you have a female cousin, you’re likely to share many of the same interests. Although they come from separate moms, cousins can share many characteristics. Understand that you’re related to each other and that you’re both descended from the same bloodline and share the same genes.

10. Simplistic Ariel Tattoo, When You’re Mer-made to be Friends Forever

The elegance and vibrant color of this tat are two of my favorite qualities about it. Despite the lack of activity, you can still make out this small mermaid paddling around thanks to a few colored lines. If you want to demonstrate how much you enjoy being a component of your cousin’s life, this is an excellent option.

11. Harry Potter’s Charms are Attractive

Tattoos depicting two of your favorite characters from the Harry Potter series are sure to make you smile. This is the first time I’ve observed a bunch of Deathly Hallows matching tattoos connecting pals. Rather than being identical, those spells are opposed. Emission extinguishes the light that Lumos creates. It’s a little like getting a sun and moon tattoo, in that you’re linked but also distinct. extinguishes the light that Lumos creates. It’s a little like getting sun and moon tattoos, in that you’re linked but also distinct.

12. You Heart Your Cousin Tulip So Much

Love this floral heart tattoo design so much. I’m a sucker for floral tattoos. For a BFF tat, hearts are a great choice because they symbolize the affection you have together. This is only a fun way to add a dash of color to the standard love.

13. No Matter What

Regardless of the outcome, you and your loved one are the only ones who can overcome any hurdle. Because of this, the “no matter what” tattoo, one of the most popular matching tattoos on the market, bears a special significance. There is indeed a good chance that you made a bunch of assurances to your cousin as a child to protect your parents from ever finding out about your activities. This tattoo symbolizes your pledge to keep these secrets to yourself till the end of time. When you commit to one another that you can never break, it indicates the strength of your relationship.

14. Butterfly Tattoo

A colorful butterfly tattoo is even better. With the help of your cousin, you and the butterfly can be partitioned into two pieces that reunite as a whole because you join forces. It’s a wonderful way to honor the unique relationship you share. It’s also an option to add personalized text to the butterfly’s wings that will be completed once both hands are joined together.

Butterfly Tattoo
                                             Butterfly Tattoo

15. Matching Arrows That Line Up

Both folk’s closeness can be shown with matching arrows that line up. This is also one of the greatest cousin tattoos for a boy and a girl to get the same ink done. Users and their cousins can each have one end of an arrow on their middle finger, and then when you reunite, the arrow fulfills, signifying the strong bond both share.


15 best cousin matching tattoos are super amazing tattoos for cousins, even with your best friend. Each signifies different unique things. They are so adorable and have a lot of attachment between the two individuals. If you don’t mind having a tattoo on your body, you can try one of these with your cousin. Trust you guys will fall in love with it, and your bond will become stronger.

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