Tribes With The Most Beautiful Girls in Nigeria

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Nigeria, a place where the female physique is celebrated and appreciated, is blessed with beautiful girls. Across different ethnic groups, we have a variety of physical features from fair-skinned Easterners to the ebony of the Yorubas and the pointed nose of the Fulani, the country is blessed.

Today, I bring you the Tribes with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria.

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Is Beauty really in the eye of the Beholder?

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder. Yet the general population agrees that for the female, beauty can be measured with certain endowments like height, curvaceous physique, skin texture, the shine of the hair, pointed nose and for some people, things like white teeth and hot legs, are on their spec list.

Don’t get me wrong. Beautiful girls are found in all tribes and ethnic groups in Nigeria. But some tribes in Nigeria have more attention towards beauty and others do not.

Some tribes also have a higher amount of beautiful girls, according to popular opinion.

Let’s look at a few of them.

7 Nigerian Tribes With Extremely Beautiful Girls

1. Hausa/Fulani

Some people love to refer to them as the Indians of Nigeria because of their black, long, and pretty hair and the fine point of their nose.

A majority of the ladies have clean skin and delicate natural beauty. They may not pay so attention to pageants or sophistication, but they sure are a sight for sore eyes.

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2. Igbo

The tribe ascribes a lot of honour to the female body.

In any part of the country, they are marked out by their fair skin and a full stature. 

They have won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria more than any other tribe and have some of the most beautiful celebrities. 

a major concentration of the ladies are either in or from Imo and you’ll easily call 7 out of 10 girls ‘omalicha’.

3. Bini

The binis will not take a back seat when it comes to the most beautiful girls.

According to talk in the boys’ locker room, bini girls have all the right features and are beautiful to look upon, especially in their traditional attire. But even off the attire, they are simply captivating.

4. Yoruba

Yorubas are the poster child of the dark and ebony beauty, even though a small part of the population are light-skinned.

A Yoruba girl is built with a firm and curvy physique and naturally lustrous skin. 

5. Idoma

The areas of Benue where the Idoma people reside are saturated with beautiful girls.

Idoma is culturally alive and you’d be happy to catch a girl in their attire.

The natural shine to their skin first draws you to observe the strong facial features and especially their gap-tooth (maxillary midline diastema). 

6. Ebira

The Ebira people are found in some areas of Kogi state and other states in Nigeria. They are said to be extremely beautiful and loyal. Talk about curvy physiques,  and facial prominence then you’ll find an Ebira girl.

7. Efik/Ibibio

Seeing this tribe on the list should not be a surprise. These people find their homes in some areas of Calabar and Akwa Ibom.

They are known to be light-skinned and pretty with a natural finesse that makes them attractive and desirable.

Final Words

So, you may not have seen your tribe on our list, it doesn’t mean it is lacking in beautiful girls for the conclusion is that our dear country is blessed with pretty female sights.

Enjoy our list of the Tribes with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria.

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