15 Best Universities in Korea for International Students

In this article, I will discuss the Best 15 universities in Korea for international students, as well as other pertinent facts regarding Korean colleges. Continue reading.

International students are welcome in Korea, and the number of international students visiting the country is growing every day due to their close relationship with the United States of America.

When applying to Korean universities, what is the minimum GPA?

When applying to South Korean colleges, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0, which is a passing grade (C).

Should you, however, be satisfied with a C? Obviously not. Because your chances of admission are based on your academic grade, you should aim for the best GPA possible, which is about an A or A+.

15 Best Universities in Korea for International Students

The universities listed below are top-ranked universities in Korea for international students, and the listing is in no particular order.

  1. Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
  2. Ewha Woman’s University
  3. Sungkyunkwan university (SKKU)
  4. Jeju National University
  5. Kyung Heer University
  6. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
  7. Yonsei University
  8. Chungbuk National University
  9. Pohang University of Science and Technology
  10. Seoul National University
  11. Jeonbuk National University
  12. Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology.
  13. Korea University
  14. Kyungpook National University
  15. Hanyang University

Is it worthwhile to study in Korea?

Studying in Korea will provide you with a wide choice of job prospects. Koren university graduates are in high demand by employers all around the world.

Furthermore, Korea’s economy is exceptionally stable, ensuring you a financially secure future after graduation.

Is Korea a decent place to study if you’re an international student?

International students will find Korea to be one of the safest and most hospitable countries in the world.

Korea has achieved great progress in terms of living standards throughout the years. As a result, it is an ideal location for studying, living, travelling, and working.

Is it possible for me to study in Korea as an international student?

To study in South Korea, international students must obtain a D-2 student visa. Once you have received your admission letter from the university, you can make arrangements at your nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate.

Your university should be able to assist you if you require any assistance during the procedure.

What does studying in Korea cost?

A public university undergraduate course costs between the US $2,000 and $4,500 per semester (humanities courses tuition is lower while the medicine is higher).

The average annual tuition cost at Korea’s ten internationally rated colleges is projected to be $6,800 USD.

A private university’s average tuition bill can be up to $7,000, while the average income is over $20,000.

The SKY Acronym

SKY Universe is a Korean television network. The three most prestigious universities in Korea are referred to by the abbreviation SKY.

1. Seoul National University is the first university that makes up the (S) in the acronym SKY

2. Korea University makes up the (K) in the acronym SKY.

3. Yonsei University is the third institution that makes up the (Y) in the acronym SKY

In Korea, the phrase is commonly used, both in the media and at universities; admission to one of the SKY colleges is widely regarded in Korea as a predictor of a successful career and high social status.

How can I get a free education in Korea?

I’ll teach you how to keep the cost of studying in Korea to a minimum, or even how to study for free in Korea as an international student.

Securing a scholarship is the best method to study in Korea for free, even if you are a foreign student.

Before applying for a scholarship, make sure you check out what’s available and what the conditions are.

Is it possible to study in Korea without learning the language?

Yes, you can study in Korea even if you have no prior knowledge of the language. Basic English skills can assist you in obtaining a much-needed degree.

 In Korea, which colleges are the easiest to get into?

Sun Moon University in Korea has the highest anticipated acceptance rate of 70 percent, making it one of the simplest universities to get admission to.

If you are accepted into a university, don’t immediately respond positively because you may receive a better offer from one of the colleges to which you previously applied. Wait patiently!


When it comes to enjoying quality education, Korea is indeed an awesome choice to make. International students have to choose from any of the 15 best universities listed above.

This article was put together to give you a deeper understanding about studying in Korea and the 15 best university in Korea.

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