7 Killer Tips For Writing Amazing Articles That Will Rank On Google 1st Page And Attract Readers

Do you want to write irresistible articles that will rank very high on search engines? I will show you in this post 7 killer tips I use in writing several of my articles that are currently ranking on Google 1st page.
It doesn’t matter your niche, these amazingly simple tips will not just help your articles rank high on search engines alone, they will also make your articles “hard-to-be-ignored” and quite interesting to read. (Read on!)
In case you have some doubts, the secrets I will be revealing in this post about article writing do not just work only for blogs or websites that have been around for some time. Even if you just started yours today, you will find these tips very very useful.
Before I continue, let me first show you what Google wants you to know before you even think of writing articles.
What Google Wants You To Always Bear In Mind Before Writing Articles
When it comes to writing articles, Google wants you to know and bear in mind a few things:
1. Your Articles Will Be Read By Humans
This means you must not only write articles “for” search engines, you must always bear in mind your articles will be read by real humans. And their satisfaction is of utmost importance to Google.
What that means is that you must always aim to write useful articles. That is, articles that will add value or meaning to people’s lives.
Apart from this site, your site must be designed in such a way that users will not have a difficulty reading what is written.
I will explain this more in the post as we go on. However you can find a more detailed explanation on this How To Make Your Site User Friendly And Rank Higher On Search Engines
2. Your Articles Must Be Optimized For Search Engines
Just like in the above mentioned point, here you must understand that your articles will not only be read by humans, web crawlers from Google (and other search engines) will crawl through those articles and index them once you publish them on your site.
This is to enable Google serve them in their search result pages whenever people search for keywords that relates to them.
If the articles are well optimized for search engines and considered to have valuable information that matches what a user is looking for, Google ranks it very high on its search results pages.
One way Google is able to determine which article will be of utmost importance and rank it high is through what is known as “Google Algorithms”. You can learn more about this algorithm by clicking here.
Haven seen what Google wants you to bear in mind before writing an article, let me show you the 7 killer tips for writing articles that will grab the attention of your readers and rank very high on search engines regardless of your niche.
7 Sure Ways To Write Amazing Articles That Google Will Rank And Readers Can’t Ignore
Here is how to write articles that will rank high on search engines and attract a lot of readers:
  • Use Attention Grabbing Words In Your Titles

Nothing attracts a readers attention to a post the most as the title.
A post’s title is the first major thing that will determine if a reader will click on it or not.
For instance, a perfectly written article about “dogs” will attract very few readers if the title says “learn about dogs here” compared to when the tile says “amazing facts about dogs you have never heard about”, or “unbelievable characteristics that makes dogs unique, lovely and human-like”.
The reason is because the words “amazing”and “unbelievable” have a way of grabbing readers attention easier than the words used in the first title.
  • Let Your Introduction Be Short And Irresistible

The next chance you’ve got to draw a user’s attention is your introduction. This is where most bloggers fail.
A short, interesting and well written introduction that leaves your blog readers eager to find out more is what you should always aim for.
Use questions, promises, interesting and powerful remarks here to arouse in them the passion to read the entire post.
  • Build Your Content Around A Focus Keyword

Don’t be found beating about the bush. Let your whole writing revolve around a specific keyword.
This will help your readers and search engines know at a glance what your article is all about.
I’m don’t advise you repeat this keyword over and over in the post like most people do, thinking that will make the article rank for that keyword. The lesser it appears in the post the better.
Use synonyms and every other means to keep your readers glued to the article without constantly repeating the keyword.
A good plugin to help you do this better is Yoast. (You can download it on WordPress.org)
The plugin will also help you to add good “meta descriptions” to your posts that will shown on search results.
Always ensure your focus keyword appears at least once in both your post title and introduction.
  • Get Rid Of Things That Will Affect Your Article’s Readability

This is where watching out for grammatical and typographical errors comes in.
A well researched article written with lots of errors not only affect your search engine ranking, it will also piss your readers off. You do not want that to happen, trust me.
One of the ways you can easily check this is to have others (friends and family) go through your articles for mistakes before you publish them.
  • Make Interlinking a Habit

Have you discovered some of the most ranked articles on search engines links to two or more articles on the same site? This is fact.
Interlinking helps tell Google you actually have a good understanding of what you are talking about and as well helps your readers navigate to other similar articles on your site without much stress.
It also help you pass some juice from your most ranked contents to the lesser or hidden ones.
  • Use Quality Images And Infographics Where Necessary

Good quality images have a way of attracting readers to a post, especially from social networks.
Including them in your posts will go a long way to help you generate huge traffic from Google image search too.
  • Always Create a Lasting Impression On Your Readers Through Your Summary

The Summary of an article gives you the opportunity to leave a long lasting impression on your readers. Take advantage of it.
In “summaries”, you can encourage your readers to Like, Share and Follow your website or blog.
You can also use the summary to point them to other relevant posts you know will interest them to read.
That way, they will spend longer time on your site. Something Google sees as a sign of satisfaction.
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