United Bank for Africa (UBA), one of Africa’s leading banks is giving out N5000 for people to refer their friends to them the bank.
This is a great development not only to Nigeria but also to Africa as a whole as UBA has it customer base majorly within Africa. Though it has some significant presence outside of the continent.
Before it was acquired by the billionaire Tony Elumelu and turned into the modern United Bank for Africa, the bank operated as a single country bank that really struggled to survive. Today the bank is not only among the top 3 biggest banks in Nigeria but also among Africa’s top 10 and the leading banks in the world.
Let me show you in this post how you can receive N5000 from United Bank for Africa everytime you refer a friend to them. Cool, right? Stick with me!
How It Works
I guess you are excited already about this UBA Refer A Friend Program. I am too. But let me show you how it works.
The UBA Refer A Friend Program is a program that pays you to refer customers to open an account with them. After a successful account opening and the first deposit made, the bank pays you immediately for bringing (referring) the customer to them.
Now for each referred friend, UBA pays you exactly N5000 (approximately $14 dollars as at the time of this writing.)
Imagine you refer about 4 people in a month. That is about N20,000. And if you work so hard and were able to refer about 10 people in a month, dude that is about 50K in your account.
And the best part is, anybody can do this. The opportunity is open to everyone including students.
Now 10 people in a month may seem a bit too much and impossible to achieve. But who says it cannot be done. It all begins with a goal and a commitment to work hard and change things.
It’s never going to be easy at the start but with time your hardwork will start paying off.
Eligibility & Requirements
To be eligible for this referral program, an interested person must be an existing customer of UBA.
1. You must have an active UBA account in any of their branches in your region.
2. Have your BVN for any form of verification.
3. During registration, your referred friend is expected to put your account number in the space provided for “referral account number.” This is the account number the bank will deposit your payment.
4. The referred friend must be living overseas and
5. Must be willing to make an initial deposit of $100 dollars or its equivalent in any currency.
Now before you get discouraged at the last two conditions and give up, let me show you how you can actually promote this and get people living outside the country to sign up with UBA through you.
How To Get People To Sign Up
It is one thing to be eligible to refer people to open a UBA diaspora account, it is another thing to actually get the people to do so.
Here is to how to get people to sign up through you so you can earn. (Reading and learning how all of them work will actually help you earn a lot within a short time)
Tell your friends directly about it
If you have friends living outside the country with whom you talk on phone, this will certainly work perfectly for you.
While talking with them, you can direct the conversation to go in such a way you will be able to suggest opening a UBA diaspora account to them if they do not already own one.
You have to be very polite, convincing and explain why you think having a UBA account is actually worth it. There are so many good banks in the country, you know.
If they agree, you can go ahead and tell them how to do that. Ensure you never forget to give them your account number and ask them to put it in the space provided for the “referral account no.” in the sign up form.
Promote it on Facebook
One of the biggest place where you can meet friends and people living outside the country is on the social media giant, Facebook. In fact, that is the easiest place.
With the reputation that UBA has, getting people to trust you will not be much of a problem provided you present them the links from the bank so they can see the whole information on their website and know it is genuine.
You can do this well by posting about the UBA diaspora account on your personal profile, page or group.
It will be best if you will be available to answer any question people may have from your posts.
Promote it on Twitter
Just like Facebook, Twitter is another social media platform to meet people in diaspora and get them to open an account with United Bank for Africa (UBA).
If you do not already own a Twitter account, you might want to get one now by visiting their website.
Although you do not get to make long posts on Twitter like you would on Facebook, you can actually learn to use the little space for that to say what you want.
Internet Forums
Internet forums like Nairaland has always been known to be a great place to meet different calibres of people, especially those living in diaspora.
Apart from this, internet forums are just great advertisement avenues for anything. Websites, blogs, business, products and services.
Blogs And Websites
Do you own a blog or a website and would love to make money from it? This is a great opportunity to do that.
You can get your readers to learn more about the UBA Diaspora Account through your posts and also signup through you. You can even email them too.
Now before I end this let me say very quickly that though United Bank for Africa (UBA) is willing to give out N5000 to their customers, you have to work really hard and be smart about the way you go about it to earn something significant from.
Always remember to give your UBA account details to whoever you are referring to the bank and tell them to include it in their signup form. That is the only way the bank will know you were the one that referred them.
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