Forbes Complete List Of Top 10 Richest People In Africa 2021

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Then I have goodnews for you. Forbes has released the complete list of top 10 richest people in Africa for 2021. In this post you will discover who and who made it to the 2019 Forbes list of richest persons alive in Africa.
In this 2021 Forbes list of top 10 richest persons in Africa, we see Nigerian Aliko Dangote retain his spot as the richest man in Africa with a net worth of $10.3billion.
Dangote became the richest man in Africa for the 8th time in a row although this year saw his net worth drop from $12b in 2018 to $10b in 2019.
Aliko Dangote makes his money majorly from Cement, Food commodities, Sugar etc.
With a whooping rise in his net worth this year, Globacom chairman, Nigerian businessman, Mike Adenuga rose to the rank of the second richest person in Africa.
From $5b in 2018, Mike Adenuga’s net worth rose to $9.2 billion in 2019 making him the richest man in Africa after Aliko Dangote.
Mike Adenuga, a silent achiever, primarily makes his money from his telecommunication network, GLO, which is Nigeria’s third largest network with over 12,000 towers and millions of subscribers all over the country.
Over the years, his company Globacom has also established itself as the largest data network in Nigeria. Little wonder it is very popular among the youths, especially students.
Adenuga also invests in Oil with the company Conoil and real estate. He looks set to overtake Aliko Dangote as the richest man in Africa any time soon.
Do you want to see the full list? Keep reading!
Among the top 10 richest persons in Africa by Forbes this year, is a woman named Isabel Dos Santos. A Ugandan woman with a net worth of $2.3 billion. She is ranked as the 9th richest person in Africa for 2021
Below is a full list of all the names that made it to the 2021 top 10 richest people in Africa
Top 10 Richest People In Africa 2021 By Forbes And Their Net Worth
1. Aliko Dangote – $10.3 billion
2. Mike Adenuga – $9.2 billion
3. Nicky Oppenheimer – $7.3 billion
4. Nasef Sawiris – $6.3 billion
5. Johann Rupert – $5.3 billion
6. Issad Rebrab – $3.7 billion
7. Naguib Sawiris – $2.9 billion
8. Koos Bekker – $2.3 billion
9. Isabel Dos Santos – $2.3 billion
10. Mohamed Mansour – $2.3 billion
These are the richest billionaires in Africa for 2021.
I hope this inspires you to work harder and smarter as an entrepreneur this year. Who knows, maybe someday your name will be among this list.
Do not think it is impossible or every other guy except you can make it. You have within you potentials that are capable of making you the richest man in the world if you can discover and harness them.
Most of these names you see on this list came from very poor backgrounds and had almost everything working against them when they began. But today, it is a different story.
You can read some of their stories here. I’m sure you will not only get motivated by these stories, you will also learn a thing or two to help you succeed as well.
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