A Complete Guide To Affiliate Marketing For Nigerians (How It Works And Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Nigerians)

Affiliate marketing is one of the commonest ways to make money online in Nigeria and other parts of the world.
It is a proven fact that affiliate marketing is among the over 15 ways blog and website owners monetize their blogs or websites.

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Thousands of bloggers and websites owners make money daily from this lucrative online venture. But they are not the only ones that can earn from this.
With a social media account like Facebook, Whatsapp or even a Twitter account, anybody can make money online from affiliate marketing (as you read further, you will find explanations on how that works).
In this post today, I will show you what affiliate marketing is, how it works and best paying affiliate marketing programs for beginners in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Keep reading!

What Is Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria?

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing that allows affiliates to get paid (commissions) for referring or directing customers to buy other people’s (online stores’ and companies’) products or services through their own promotional activities.
The online information giant, Wikipedia defines affiliate marketing as a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
An affiliate (a webmaster or publisher) does not need to have a personal product to sell and make money.
All he needs to do is to promote other people’s (websites’ or companies’) products or services to customers and get paid once the people he referred makes a purchase where he referred them.
This promotion of goods and services is popularly done today by affiliates using different communication methods such as a Facebook post, Tweet, Whatsapp chat, blog post or even a text message.
Let me explain clearer how that works.

How Affiliate Marketing Works (With Examples)

Take a good look at this example I am going to use to explain how affiliate marketing works. You will understand it better now.
Take for instance you bought a T-shirt you would wear to an event from the market for $5 dollar.
From the moment you put that shirt on, people started inquiring from you where you bought it so they too could buy it.
After the first day you went back to the seller and said to him, “Look, I know a few people that might be interested in buying this type of T-shirt and others from you. If you’ll pay me $1 dollar for every shirt they buy from you, I will personally bring or refer them here”.
After the agreement between you and the seller, you start getting paid for every customer you brings to the seller that buys anything from him.
That is exactly what affiliate marketing is all about and how it works.
An affiliate does not have to have a personal product to sell to users. The only thing he needs is to promote other people’s own to users (customers) and get paid once they buy anything from the people (company) he referred them to.
On signing up with a company (mostly an online store or service provider) that offers affiliate marketing programs, an affiliate is given a unique code. This code will have to be inserted into his website, blog or social media pages by the affiliate.
The essence of this unique affiliate code is to help both the company (online store or service provider) and the affiliate keep an accurate record of the traffic (referred customers), the items bought and their prices.
That way, the affiliate’s commission will be exactly what it is supposed to be at the end of the day.

How To Insert An Affiliate Code To A Website Or Blog

There are two popular ways of inserting affiliate codes to a website or blog:
The first one is through generated links. Here links that are generated from the affiliate marketing program are added to a website through posts.
These links are mostly direct links to the company’s homepage on their website or direct links to specific products.
The second method of inserting an affiliate code to a website is through product banners. These banners are often in different sizes. As an affiliate, you will have to choose the size that suits you most and place it on your website or blog through the Custom HTML widget.
The moment your visitors click on those links or banners, it will lead them directly to the products shown on the banners or link.
Any purchase made from that click is immediately added to your affiliate record which you can always see from your dashboard when you login to your affiliate marketing program.

Best Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs For Nigerians

If you are going to start affiliate marketing business in Nigeria, then you will find this list of best paying affiliate marketing programs very helpful.
Though every one of them have their good and bad sides, these are certainly some of the best you can find right now for beginners in Nigeria who are hoping to monetize their blogs, websites or social media pages.

#1 Domainking Affiliate Marketing Program

Domainking is a webhosting company in Nigeria. It is one of the most recommend companies for hosting any type of website or blog in Nigeria.
As an affiliate with Domainking, you get up to 80 percent of the total amount your referred customers pay for every hosting service as your commission.
Signing up as an affiliate with Domainking is simple and has no minimum traffic requirement for blogs and websites.
As soon as you have up N1,OOO naira in your affiliate account, you can apply for a withdrawal and receive the money immediately in your Nigerian bank account. No long stories!
To know more about Domainking, read Why I Use And Recommend Domainking For Webmasters.
You can as well signup with Domainking now.

#2 Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program

Jumia is an online store in Nigeria where you can buy almost anything you want. Their range of products includes books, smartphones, computers, clothes, shoes, automobiles, kitchen equipments, furniture and so on.
You will have to choose the particular products you want to promote and then inserts their links or banners on your websites or blog posts.

#3 Konga Affiliate Marketing Program

Konga is also a Nigerian online store that sells almost anything a customer may have interest in buying.
Their recent partnership with Yudala (another online store in Nigeria) has given them an edge above every other affiliate marketing program in Nigeria.
They also offer up to 80 percent commission on different products on their website.
Konga is certainly a good for beginners.

#4 Namecheap Affiliate Marketing Program

Namecheap is a popular webhosting company that is greatly recommended by bloggers. They also have an attractive commission on all their hosting plans for affiliates.

#5 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon is an online store with millions of customers all over the world. Their commission rate is the reason the have so many affiliates all over the world.
You can signup with them as a beginner and start earning as soon as possible.

#6 AliExpress Affiliate Marketing Program

AliExpress is among the top 10 affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Their commission rate is also very attractive.
Signup as their affiliate and start earning great commissions from every purchase made through your promotional activities.
To see more of my most recommended affiliate marketing programs for beginners, read Best Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs (Websites) For Nigerians

In Summary

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick method of making money online. But it is certainly one of the best and biggest ways of monetizing a blog or website and making money online.
It is simple and so easy that anybody can do it even with just a social media account. Although it requires patience and a little effort, it is certainly worth doing.
Thanks for reading!
Ref: Wikipedia.
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