How To Check Your Bank Balance, Transfer Money And Pay Bills On Whatsapp In Nigeria

Do you know you can now check your bank account balance, recharge your line, transfer money, pay bills and do other transactions online through a process known as Whatsapp banking?
Yes, it is now possible to carry out financial transactions on your phone, tablet and computer using Whatsapp. Let me show you how to do that in this post.
Prior to this development, people only used Whatsapp to chat, call, and even do videocalls with their family and friends. Though some people also use the app as a means of sharing files of different formats with whomsoever they need to share them with.
However, with the current financial technological development sweeping through Africa and the whole world, Nigerian banks have devised a way to integrate financial services with the social media app.
So, if you will like to learn how to use Whatsapp to check your bank account balance, pay bills, transfer money, recharge and do much more, then carefully follow the steps I will show you below.
How To Do Financial Transactions On Whatsapp In 10 Steps
Here is a step by step guide to help you check your balance, recharge, transfer money, pay bills and carry out other banking transactions using Whatsapp banking.
1. Find out if your bank is offering the Whatsapp banking service by contacting their customer care service on phone or in bank
2. Connect your bank account to your active phone line or number
3. Visit from your phone, tablet or computer and download the approriate application for your device.
4. Install the downloaded Whatsapp application on your device and run it.
5. Fill out your information in the spaces provided for it
6. Upload your photo to complete your Whatsapp registration
7. Add your bank’s Whatsapp number or line to your contacts
8. Initiate a transaction by messaging your bank through their Whatsapp contact on your phone
9. Request for your desired financial service e.g account balance, airtime recharge, money transfers, bill payments etc.
10. Confirm the transaction to complete it.
11. Congratulations! You have successfully carried out your banking transaction on Whatsapp.
If you already have Whatsapp installed on your device before now, then you do not need to download it again, just follow step 1 and 2 then jump to step 6 and continue from there.
In case you are looking for your bank’s Whatsapp phone line, you can find it in the list below.
Popular Nigerian Banks And Their Whatsapp Banking Numbers For Easy Financial Transactions On Whatsapp
Here is a list of some of the banks that are currently offering Whatsapp banking service in Nigeria and the numbers you can use to contact them on the social network.
  • Access Bank

Access bank whatsapp banking number is 09090901901.
  • Ecobank

Ecobank Whatsapp banking number is 08087603717
  • Fidelity Bank

The Whatsapp banking number for Fidelity bank is 09030005252
  • First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

FCMB Whatsapp banking number is 09099999814

The Whatsapp banking number for GTB is 09060001601

The Whatsapp banking number for UBA is 09030002455
  • Unity Bank

Unity Bank number for Whatsapp banking is 08099152315
  • Union Bank

Union Bank number for Whatsapp banking service is 09070070001
There you have them, Nigerian banks that are currently allowing financial transactions through Whatsapp.
Should any bank not listed above starts offering the service, we not hesitate to update the list so you never miss out on any information.
By now, I’m sure you are ready to start using Whatsapp to carry out financial transactions on your mobile and computer. However before I end this post, let me quickly show you 4 security tips to properly put in place to ensure a safe mobile banking transaction on Whatsapp.
4 Whatsapp Banking Security Tips Never To Ignore As A Beginner Or Pro
1. Never add any number that you have not fully verified from your bank
Fraudsters are everywhere looking for whom to do away with their hard earned resources. With the new mobile money service being introduced on Whatsapp, cyber criminals seem to have been given another idea on how to make illegal money by posing to be official bank representatives.
Do not add any number on your Whatsapp contact as your bank’s Whatsapp banking number without properly confirming from your bank if the number is genuine or not.
2. Keep your bank details completely private
Until you are sure you are chatting with the official representatives from your bank on Whatsapp, keep your bank details completely private. Disclosing these vital information carelessly may put you in so much trouble you never planned for.
3. Do not disclose your ATM card details to anyone on Whatsapp
The information found on your ATM card (Mastercard, Visa & Verve) can be used to buy airtime, check your account balance, transfer money, make withdrawals and even pay bills.
Beware of anyone asking your for your Card number, expiry date, CVV, PIN and even name on Card to assist you in doing anything. Do not just disclose those information anyhow on Whatsapp.
4. Protect your BVN details very well
I have seen and heard stories of people who were contacted by other people who claimed to be their bank’s representatives on Whatsapp and several other social networks.
A common thing that these fraudsters always demand for is their BVN details. Do not disclose your BVN details carelessly to just anyone.
You may say “it is just my Bank Verification Number” and nothing more. It always starts that way and before you know it, thousands to millions of Naira has gone from your account.
Do not let anyone deceive you with messages like “there is an issue with your BVN & ATM Card and we need to update it” or “your bank account details has errors that needs urgent correction, send us the former details alongside your desired new ones to correct it.”
 When you see such messages, quickly contact your bank to verify if it is legit. If it is not truly from them, discard it immediately and block whoever sent you the message so they never get to do it again.
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