Here Is How To Start Dog Breeding Business In Nigeria (A Full Guide)

Do you have interest in starting a dog breeding business? Here is a full guide on how to start, breed and sell the best quality of dogs at very interesting prices and make profits!
In case you are wondering how lucrative this dog breeding business is, permit me to use a few words and to quickly enlighten you on how much different species or breeds of dogs are currently selling in Nigeria and some other countries. I’m sure you would agree with me that the business is very profitable after seeing this:
  • A female pure breed Boar of about 1 year or a little less is sold for N250,000 ($702 As the time of this writing)
  • The male pure breed Boar goes for about N100,000 to N150,000 ($281 to $421) depending on the size
  • A Caucasian Shepherd puppy is sold for N120,000 ($337) while
  • A Dobberman puppy goes for about N60,000 ($169) or more.

What do you think will happen if you breed about 20, 50, or even 100 of these dogs in a year or less? How much do you think you stand to make? Thousands or millions of Naira? I leave that for you to judge.
Now you may be wondering, “why is dog breeding business so lucrative and worth investing”
The reason is primarily because, of all animals, the dog is the only one that man can truly call his friend.
Dogs are very loyal creatures, unlike other animals. They can be trained to think and act like man. This is why a whole of people keep them as pets.
But apart from keeping them as pets, most people keep them for security purposes. Seeing the write up “Beware of Dogs” on most people’s gates is enough for strangers and unwanted visitors to keep off.
Below you will find full information on how to start this dog breeding business in your region.( If you have any question after reading this, feel free to let me know about it through the comment section below this post. I will give answer to it as soon as possible or other readers like yourself will)
Here Are Major Factors To Consider Before Investing In Dog Breeding
  • Plan The Type Of Dogs To Breed. Pet Dogs, Security Dogs Or Both.

What type of dogs will you like to breed? Will it be the pet dogs like the Chihuahua, Beagle, Yorkshire terrier etc. Or will you specialize on breeding security dogs like the Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and so many others.
Some people like to breed both Pets dogs and Security dogs at the same time. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and have the ability financially to do.
However, regardless of the type of dogs you plan to breed and make money selling, there is always an available buyer for it. Always.
  • Plan On How To Acquire Them

Dog breeding is both capital and labour intensive. You need to include how to acquire them in your business plan.
Due to the current prices of different breeds of dogs in the market, most people (experts) advise it is better to acquire them one or two at a time. That would mean you starting small and then grow the business with time.
That way, you won’t be under any unnecessary pressure as to how to shelter, feed and cater for them since the numbers are not much at the beginning. When you have mastered their behaviours and demands, you can go ahead and increase your stock.
  • Buy Adult Dogs Only When Buying The Parent Stock

Dog breeding experts recommend that you buy only adult dogs when buying the parent stock. The only time you are allowed to buy puppies as parent stock is when you are them from a reliable source.
The reason for this advice is that the parent stock is what will determine the quality of puppies you will have to sell. If there are certain features you will like to see in your puppies, you must first see them in the parent stock.
In adult dogs, you can see clearly all the physical features you want or do not want. But if it is puppies you are buying as parent stock, you may not get to see all their features since they are still growing till they become adults. You may likely end up not getting what you are looking for. Unless you bought it from a very reliable source.
  • Catering For The Parent Stock

Like I said earlier on, dogs are labour intensive. You have to pay special attention when catering for the Parent stock since the offsprings will be a reflection of how strong and healthy they are.
Ensure you feed them well for at least 3 times a day. You will also have to pay special attention to the type of water they drink and make sure it is clean and safe for them.
  • Veterinary Care

Like humans, dogs require medical care and checkups. This is where the role of a veterinary doctor (a doctor that takes care of animals) comes in.
There will always be times when infections and diseases will break out among the dogs. Do not hesitate to call for a veterinary doctor to take a look at them and treat them when necessary.
Ensure your dogs are well fed and properly vaccinated or immunized to keep them healthy and strong. Especially the parent stock and very young puppies.
  • The Mating Of The Parent Stock, Breeding And Care Of Young Ones

Usually, you can detect when the dogs are ready to mate by some behaviours they display at certain periods. These periods in animals are often known as heat periods.
It is characterised by certain behaviours such the making of undue noise, secretion of fluids, unusual displays of attraction (affection) and other forms of behaviours.
During these periods, you are to allow the dogs to mate in order for the bitch (the female dog) to take in and give birth to the young ones.
It normally takes about 64 days for the bitch to carry and give birth to her young ones. After this, she is expected to clean up her puppies by eating up the placenta that comes with them from birth.
After this, feel free to call in a Veterinary expert to come and take further care of them.
  • When And Where To Sell The Puppies

As soon as the puppies have started eating their mothers food, they are ready to sold. However, experts recommend you wait until they are about 3 to 4 months of age before selling them.
There several places where you can sell them. Though it is best to have a dog shop in an open place where buyers can easily locate you when they need one.
If you are just starting and you don’t have a shop yet, feel free to reach out to other dog sellers and find out from them who and who might be interested in buying from you.
Apart from this, you can start telling people around about your business even before your dogs breeds. Friends and family are good examples of people you can inform about your business before and after your dog breeds.
With time, people will get to know fully about your dog breeding business and then the money will start flowing with ease and in huge numbers.
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