Access Bank Account Blocking Code: How To Block And Unblock Your Access Bank Account And ATM Card


Access Bank Account Blocking Code: How To Block And Unblock Your Access Bank Account And ATM Card

Access bank account blocking code is a ussd code introduced by the bank to enable you lock your account in case of emergency.

For instance, if you misplace your ATM debit card or suspect any fraudulent activity on your account, you can use the code to prevent money from leaving your account.

The ussd code be used on any type of mobile phone- Android, iPhone or Java. It works with or without data subscription or airtime on your line.

You can dial it at any time of the day and during the weekends and public holidays. As soon as you dial it, a “post no debit” instruction will be placed on your account until you visit your branch to get it lifted.

If you have mistakenly given criminals (armed robbers, internet fraudsters etc) access to your bank details, you can simply use the ussd code to stop them from withdrawing money from your account. Below is how to do that.

How To Block Access Bank Account And ATM Card

To block your Access Bank account, dial *901*919# using the mobile phone number linked to your account.

In less than 3 minutes the account will be locked. No one can be able to withdraw money from it until you visit your branch to unlock it.

Please be advised that you must only dial the Access bank account blocking code in emergency cases, after exposing your banking details to fraudsters.

You can also use this alternative method below:

Another way you can get your account blocked after losing your ATM card or bank details is by calling Access Bank customer care service on 012802500.

This method works so perfectly that you can use it to block Access Bank account from another phone.

As soon as you call the number, go straight your point and make your request known.

That way, the customer service representatives will swing into action immediately before it’s too late.

These are the major ways you can instantly lock your Access bank account from unauthorized transactions.

How To Unblock Access Bank Account/ATM Card

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to unlock your Access bank account after locking it apart from visiting your branch.

Whether you intentionally blocked it or did it by accident, the process to unblock it is the same. You must visit your branch to unblock it.

While this can be a little bit difficult sometimes, it actually helps to keep your account completely safe. You don’t want to lose your entire life savings to fraudsters in one day.

In Summary

Have you been searching online for how to block your Access bank account?

You can do that using Access bank account blocking code *901*919#.

Immediately you dial the code, your account will be locked till you visit your branch to unlock it. No money will leave your account till then.

I hope you find the information in this guide useful. If you do, feel free to share it your family and friends on social media. You may be saving a life by that action.

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