Zenith Bank Transfer Code: How To Send Money To Any Bank Account Using *966#


Zenith Bank Transfer Code: How To Send Money To Any Bank Account Using *966#

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Take time to read this. This guide features how to send money from Zenith Bank account using the code *966#. With or without the internet.

Zenith is undoubtedly one of the best and leading banks in Nigeria. In terms of financial technology, the made giant strides to put it at the top of the list. From their mobile application, online banking, ussd banking to alertz services.

The bank’s EazyBanking service enables you to carry out financial operations from your mobile phone by dialing a certain ussd code on it.

You can buy airtime, check your account balance, send money and do so much more with the ussd code.

The good thing about the service is that you must not have airtime on your phone line before you can use it. You mustn’t also have an active data plan on the line to use it. You can dial it whenever you want, with or without airtime and data subscription.

Below is how you can use it to send funds to any bank account in Nigeria.

How To Send Money With Zenith Transfer Code

To send money to any bank account using Zenith Bank money transfer code, dial *966*Amount*BeneficiaryAccountNumber#.

A list of bank names will be displayed on your phone screen. Select the right recipient from the list.

After that, you will be asked to enter your USSD banking PIN to authorize the transaction. The moment you do that, the transaction will be processed successfully.

You will receive a debit alert SMS on your phone line as a confirmation of the transaction.

That is the way Zenith Bank Transfer Code works. Very simple and fast!

Final Words

Zenith Bank has made funds transfers very easy for their customers. Through the bank’s ussd code, you can send money to anyone, anywhere in Nigeria.

Have you searching on Google for how to send money with Zenith Bank Transfer Code?

I hope you find this guide useful.

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