Does CVS Sell Flowers In 2022?

What comes to your mind when you hear of the brand CVS? You probably thought of drugs right? Well the CVS company is more than just pharmaceutical store drugs are purchased. The company has a wide range of services that includes grocery shopping, beauty products, cosmetics, etc. But does CVS sell flowers?

An interesting fact we got through my research is that you don’t have to go in search of a florist to get flowers for your loved one. If you have a CVS store close to you, you should consider yourself lucky as you can easily get fresh flowers from CVS stores.

CVS flowers come in large quantities during holiday seasons like Christmas, Valentine, and Easter periods. Fresh flowers also come in large quantities during spring and summer. There are other interesting things to know about CVS flowers. Want to know more? Keep reading this article.

Does CVS Sell Flowers?

It’s no doubt that everyone loves fresh flowers and would love to be gifted one. In case you’re wondering if you can buy fresh flowers from CVS, be rest assured that you would get one.

CVS flowers come in fresh accompanied by varieties of flowers that are quite catchy when seeing them. You can easily get them at the CVS stores close to you. It is important to note that the type of flowers you can get in CVS stores differs as every store is met with the challenges of the local availability and stock.

If you have a specific flower you intend buying try contacting the CVS store close to you to make confirmations on it.

Types of flowers sold at CVS

There are a large number of flowers sold at CVS stores. You are likely to find flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations, and tulips.

The type of flowers and location of CVS stores greatly depends on what you are likely to get. Flowers like orchids need special care as they are quite delicate to handle. Succulents and miniature cacti are usually not available in all CVS stores but can be seen in some specific locations.

You can also get plant food, flower feeder sachets, and a variety of supplements for your floral plant to keep it fresh and sustainable for a longer period.

Furthermore, you can easily get flower and vegetable seeds packages for sale when you walk into a CVS store. All this and more proves that CVS is intentional about providing the best floral experience to its customers.

Seasons to buy flowers at CVS?

There is no specific time of the year when you can purchase flowers from CVS. Flowers are constantly available in CVS stores but not all flowers can be available at a go as season and location affect the kind of flowers you could get from CVS.

You can get the best of fresh flowers during spring and summertime. Flowers like poinsettias and Christmassy plants are usually available during the winter period. During Valentine and Easter periods you are likely to find the best of flowers from CVS.

Can you purchase flowers online at CVS?

You can get nearly anything online these days and CVS flowers are no exception. Fresh flowers, flower growth powders, vegetable seeds, vases, and lots more can be gotten online from the CVS website.

The company signed a contract with an online delivery company called Instacart to cover its delivery services online. So, anywhere you are you can easily get fresh flowers from CVS stores straight to your abode.

If you intend to buy a small number of flowers from CVS, try using Instacart Express free trial as you would not be charged for delivery services.

The cost of CVS flowers

CVS flowers come in different types and sizes which vary in price. There is no fixed amount you can get flowers from CVS.

A regular bouquet of flowers can cost about $5 to $15 while larger flowers can amount to $25 and above. CVS flowers like roses or carnations can be gotten at lower rates, usually if the flowers are in their blooming period.

CVS flowers are considered to come at cheaper rates compared to regular floral stores especially in holiday seasons such as Valentine, Easter, etc. This will help save you money to buy other things.


We have come to the end of this article about “Does CVS sell flowers in 2021?”. So if you intend to put a smile on someone’s face today? CVS flowers are available for you.

They have successfully designed an easy way for you to get flowers for your loved ones through their partnership with Instacart. What are you waiting for? Put a smile on someone’s face today.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Please let us know in the comments section below as we would love to hear your thoughts on this article.

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