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Domestic violence has been seen and experienced in many Nigerian homes right from ages past. It has existed in various forms and facets.

Oftentimes, it comes in the form of inequality in the home. Situations where the female should be seen as a lower figure. Other times, it comes in the form of relegating one sex in the home either as a child or a married couple.

Victims of home abuse or domestic violence may not realize this abuse on them. Other times, they become used to it and see it as a way of life.

Domestic abuse has led lots of people to an untimely death. It has made a lot to lose their dignity, pride, self respect and worth. It has drastically reduced the esteem of a handful of victims.

In this post, we will consider what domestic violence is, types and laws governing it in Nigeria. Read on to learn more.

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What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic abuse or violence is the persistent, deliberate and unrepentant act of maltreatment dished out to another in the home.

This abuse most times can be severe leading to permanent injuries, deformation and even death of the victims.

In Nigeria, the sex prone to this act is the female gender. Especially those in the institution of marriage. This abuse tails from physical abuse, to psychological abuse. It reduces the victim emotionally and socioculturally.

Having known what domestic violence is, let’s look at the types.

Kinds Of Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse does not only come with fisticuffs, where the people involve engages in physical assault. It also exists in the way and manner one is demoralized perpetually.

Here are some of the types of domestic violence we have.

Physical Abuse

This type of domestic abuse deals with assaulting a fellow. Physical assaults like punching, slapping, burning, stabbing, kicking, hitting. Others go as far as using toxic substances like poisoning, acid and toxic insecticide to eliminate their victim. 

The victims of abuse most times are left with physical permanent injuries, scars and deformations.

Emotional Abuse

A lot of people suffer from this kind of abuse in Nigeria. This occurs when the the victims emotions are constantly tortured by ill treatment from the couple. It sometimes pushes the victim to file for divorce or commit suicide. This abuse is silent but deadly.

Psychological Abuse

This abuse demoralizes the victim. It makes the victim look less of who they are. It comes in the form of verbal insults and neglect. Verbal abuse that reminds you of your weakness and shortcomings. It affects the mind and can also leave the victim committing suicide.

Sociocultural Abuse

In Nigeria and Africa at large, it is a norm in the culture for men to be superior to women. This act has made women less of themselves. The male gender is permitted to rule over the woman and have numerous mistresses while the female should just adhere and not complain.

Over time, the woman’s self worth starts to drop due to neglect from the man.

Laws Governing Domestic Violence

Here are the laws governing domestic violence in Nigeria

1. Violence Against Persons Prohibitions Act (VAPP Act)

This law covers domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse and other related cases. It was established in Abuja in 2015.

2. Protection Against Domestic Violence Law (PADVL).

This law covers for domestic violence victims. It spreads on emotional abuse, physical abuse, starvation, sexual abuse and harassment, deprivation, exploitation and denial of amenities.


Domestic violence is an abuse that leaves the victims demoralized. It doesn’t just affect the victims alone but also the children of the victim and the society at large.

A lot of homes have been destroyed and life damaged and taken by this act.

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