How To Start Goat Farming Business In Nigeria (A Complete Business Plan)

Here is a complete guide on how to start Goat farming business in Nigeria. This goat farming business plan can also work for any country in Africa.

In this post today, you will gain amazing insights on how to successfully start and make money from Goat farming business in Nigeria and nearby countries in Africa.
Like in all our posts, you will learn about how lucrative this agricultural business in Nigeria is and the opportunities that abounds in this small scale agricultural business. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.
In my previous post about how to start a lucrative dog breeding business in Nigeria, I explained how most underrated agricultural businesses has the capacity to enrich any serious entrepreneur who may have interest in starting a business in any part of the country.
One of such underrated yet very lucrative business is Goat farming. There are several reasons why this business is among the thriving agricultural businesses that anyone can start anywhere and make money.
First is the fact that Goat meat is widely accepted in almost all parts of the world due its unique taste, flavour and high nutritional value.
In a country like Nigeria, a normal Goat meat delicacy goes for a very high price in Restaurants and local Beer Joints. This is commonly known as “Isi Ewu.” A name which has its origin from the Igbo part of Nigeria. A people also very good in Goat farming business.
Another reason that makes Goat farming business very lucrative is the fact that Goat milk is also widely used in the making of several diary products across the globe. For instance Yoghurt, Ice Cream and Cheese.
In places like Europe, America, Asia and even Australia, people are already considering and taking the milk as a serious option to that of other animals. This is mainly because of the high nutritional value Goat milk has. It is in fact said, that the fat found in the milk is very low compared to that of other animals.
In some other places like different parts of Africa, this agricultural business is very lucrative due to the use of their hide and skin in the production of several local materials like Traditional wears, mats and leather for footwear productions.
Where You Can Buy Goats Cheap In Nigeria And As Well Sell
One of the questions on the lips of several new Goat farmers in Nigeria is where exactly to buy goats at a very cheap price and as well sell theirs. Below you will find several locations where you can buy and sell them in the country.
These states and regions have been known as places where you can buy Goats at a very cheap price in Nigeria.
1. Nasarawa State
2. Borno State
3. Adamawa State
4. Goat Market, Otukpo, Benue State
5. Kano State &
6. Kogi State.
In the places I just mentioned, you can get Goats as cheap as N6,000 to N14,000. Although that depends on the size, weight and strength (health) of the Goat.
I can even give you contacts of people from whom you can buy quality Goats from in some of those regions. But that is for serious buyers only.
If you know any other place where Goats can be bought at a cheap price, do include it in the comment section below so that other readers that are interested in becoming Goat farmers can learn.
Here are places that I personally know Goat farmers in Nigeria can sell their Goats at a very good price and make profits.
1. Goat Market, Afor Nkpor, Anambra State.
2. Umunya, Anambra State (Close to Cattle Market)
3. Aba, Abia State
4. Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
5. Ibadan &
6. Lagos State.
Like I said before, these are some of the places I know personally. You can include anywhere you know too in the comment section for everybody to benefit from it.
What You Need To Consider And Include In Your Business Plan Before Starting Goat Farming Business In Nigeria
There are a few things you need to consider and put in place before starting Goat farming business in Nigeria or any other country. This will help establish you as a professional Goat farmer and help you in generating more returns from the business faster. I am going to list them below.

  • The Specie
Before starting Goat farming business, you need to consider the specie of Goats you would like to rear. In Nigeria, there are two dominant species of Goats you can find around.
The first is the Tall type (mostly brown in colour) that is usually reared associated with the Northern part of Nigeria. In fact this type is often popularly referred to as Hausa Goat in most markets due to how the Hausas rear them.
The second is the not-too-tall (Dwarf) Goats that are mostly found in the Southern part of the country.
You can start with any or both species depending on your how they sell around your location.

  • The Parent Stock
You need to be really careful when it comes to buying the Parent stock. It is often best to buy them as adult Goats instead of the Kid. So you can weigh them very well and know what to look forward to when they reproduce.
For a starter, you can buy just one He-Goat and four females. That one male Goat and take care of the mating of those four females. But if you have the money and will like to buy as much as you can, it is still a good idea. Although it is always best if the females are more in number than the males.

  • The Housing & Space
Let me tell you a little secret I personally learnt from an older Goat farmer where I came from.
Goats that have much space to move about and are allowed to do so at their own will, are always stronger and bigger than the ones that are normally tied to one place or have very little space to roam about.
Goats often enjoy staying on their own without any distraction from outsiders (except they see you coming with grasses they’d love to eat)
When planning their housing, ensure they get enough space so they can freely roam about.

  • The Feeding Pasture
Goats are not like some other animals that can eat any type of food. They are herbivores and very selective of the type of grasses they eat.
Having a piece of land that will serve as their pasture will help your Goat farming business a lot. In this place you can plant different types of grasses they love to eat.
Also, Goats love lying under tree shades in the afternoon a lot. This where they rest and regurgitate the food (grasses) they had earlier eaten.
A good pasture should have at least one or two trees around in or around it to serve this purpose.

  • The Mating, Breeding And Care Of Young Ones
Goats like other animals go through a reproductive cycle known as Heat Period. It just the periods at which mating can result pregnancy.
This period is often characterised by certain things such as secretion of whitish fluids around the opening of the female reproductive organ, sniffing of the female Goat urine by the males, the making of undue noise and so many other characters.
After the delivering their young ones, the females normally clean up the kids by themselves. A goat can give birth to 2 or 3 kids at a time.
Before and after this delivery, ensure you have a veterinary doctor to take a proper look at them to ascertain their state of health from time to time.

  • Security
Goats are harmless creatures and often need to be protected from certain predators such as Snakes. Setting a proper security around them is a must.
I’m not just talking about securing from certain predators alone, secure them also from the planet’s greatest predator – Man.
You must be on the watch for thieves and other dubious people from either stealing or harming them.

  • Selling Your Goats
When they are ready to be sold which is usually their semi adult stage, have a vet doctor take a look at them again and treat anyone that may need it. So they don’t lose their market value.
I have earlier mentioned different places where you can sell your Goats at very good prices and make some profits. It wouldn’t hurt to also do your own research proper to determine the best market for your business.
If you can, approach some of these big restaurants directly and let them know you can supply them Goats. Discuss your price with them and do the supply. The local restaurant where they sell goat delicacies around you is a good place to start.
In Summary
The opportunities in Goat farming in Nigeria is so much that anyone that take advantage of it and make so much money in a few years.
With Goat meat one of the most favourite meats all over world, anybody can start this business and with time start exporting Goat to different places. South Africa, Australia, America, Europe and even Asian countries as well.
I hope you find this full guide to Goat farming business in Nigeria helpful. If you have any question regarding this business, do not relent to drop them at the comment section below.
Got anything to add to the post? Also drop it in the comment section below.

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