KweseTV Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and Social Media Pages


Owning a satellite TV comes with so many advantages: watching a variety of shows and having a wide range of channels to choose from.

Enjoying family entertainment programs, kids program, football channels, reality shows etc, with friends and family makes it worthwhile.

KweseTV is a satellite tv that provides all these, but then sometimes one could face challenges in different forms ranging from errors in receiving signal, payment of subscription, blocked channels etc and might need assistance.

In this article we’re going to see the different ways one can use to contact Kwesetv for customer support.
But first let’s learn more about Kwesetv.

What is KweseTV?

Kwesé TV is a Pan-African entertainment company, operated by Econet Media, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless. Kwesé’s product offering is available on satellite and internet based platforms.

Kwesetv was launched in Nigeria around November 2017. It is a pay-as-you-watch satellite TV service, offering over 50 channels of world-class entertainment. It is also available in other African countries.

Kwese TV Contact Details

The Kwese TV customer care staff try to satisfy their customers with undefeatable and timely customer care experience.

This they do by making sure that customer complaints and concerns are thoroughly resolved in good time.

In case something goes wrong with your Kwese TV, you can contact them using any of the following:

KweseTV Customer Care Number

To speak with KweseTV customer care agents on phone, dial 014407312.

A customer service representative will pick up and address whatever challenge you are facing.

KweseTV Customer Care Email Address

You can also send an email to KweseTV customer care agents for assistance.

The official KweseTV email address to use is [email protected].

Website: You can engage them on an online chat via www.Kwesé.com but there’s usually traffic on the website so calling the customer care line is faster.

KweseTV Social Media Pages

Like their page on Facebook at: Kwese TV

Follow them on Twitter: @watchkwese
You can also submit your complaints in the comment section on any of these their social media pages.

Alternatively, you can also contact Application Wheel Koncepts on phone 07052193183 which is a Kwese TV dealer or visit them at No.58 Bode Thomas Surulere Lagos.

Every business venture comes with its risks, and sometimes, the economic terrain could prove a little too difficult to navigate, causing the venture to crash and burn.

Kwese TV had been struggling for a while until its mother company, Econet Media, intervened and took over the administration.

Customers using its streaming service Kwese Iflix were deactivated and it continued to operate free-to-air.

In March 2019, Kwese Free TV was given a licence by communications regulator Icasa to launch a free-to-air TV service offering five free channels to viewers, including a 24-hour sports channel.

Icasa had given Kwese 24 months to launch the service, a time frame set to elapse by March 2021. Which didn’t happen.

With effect from August 5th 2019, Econet Media Limited, the parent company of Kwese TV discontinued the entertainment division.

The Telecom giant confirmed that the decision to shut down all its services comes as a result of prevailing economic hardship in Zimbabwe.

The third party content providers on whose content they relied on required payment in foreign currency and sustaining Kwese was no longer viable.

Presently, the Kwese TV and Kwese iflix app, are no longer available.

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