Easy Ways to Borrow Airtime From Airtel

Easy Ways to Borrow Airtime From Airtel

Is there anything you’d like to learn about easy ways to borrow airtime from Airtel? That’s why you need to read this article. In this section, you’ll learn easy ways to borrow airtime from Airtel, what you need to do to be eligible, and other details concerning the procedure.

Read on to know more about borrowing airtime from Airtel.


  • Introduction
  • About Airtel extra credit
  • What is required to borrow airtime from Airtel
  • How to borrow airtime from Airtel
  • How to borrow data on Airtel
  • How to repay borrowed airtime or data
  • Conclusion

Easy Ways to Borrow Airtime From Airtel

About Airtel Extra Credit

In the absence of a power outlet, we’ve all experienced the frustration of running out of battery life on our devices. There could be a problem with the network, making it impossible to use your bank to replenish your account. The alternative is that you could be stranded somewhere without access to communication. How to top up your phone number is the only thing that matters right now, no matter what the reason.

Fortunately, Airtel Nigeria has come up with a solution to this conundrum! Using Airtel, you can now borrow airtime from other users. It is referred to as Extra credit by the company. You can use the Airtel extra credit code to borrow airtime or data, and pay it back when you recharge your account.

A 15 percent service charge is added to all but the N25 loan. In addition, you can borrow data to surf the web. Aren’t these wonderful? To be eligible for this loan, you must meet the eligibility criteria.

What is Required to Borrow Airtime from Airtel

Does Airtel have any eligibility restrictions for the loan of its Airtel?

  • Have an active Airtel SIM card.
    You must have had your SIM card for at least three months before you may use it.
  • The minimum monthly charge is N250. That’s because they will take into account how frequently you recharge each month.
  • You must not have any outstanding talk time loans to be eligible for this loan offer. To borrow Airtel credit, you’ll need to know the secret code.

How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel

To borrow airtime from Airtel, simply dial the borrow code *500* followed by the number ‘#.’ Dialing *500*100# will allow you to borrow N100 in Airtel credit, for example. You can also dial *500# and follow the on-screen instructions.

After that, you should receive an email letting you know that your request has been received and is being handled. If you meet the prerequisites, you can apply. You’ll get a notification if you don’t, asking you to recharge more to be eligible.

N85 will be added to your account after the processing notice has been received. This is due to the elimination of the 15% service fee.

How to Borrow Data on Airtel

Using the company’s servers for your internet browsing is also an option. If your account is depleted and you require emergency access to the internet, this will come in useful. Learn how to use Airtel’s data loan feature. Simply follow these easy steps to start receiving megabytes.

You’ll have to call *500# one more time. To see a list of available data packages, you’ll need to answer “3” to a prompt. You can now choose the package that best suits your needs. There are files as tiny as 10MB and as large as 1.5GB. All of them, of course, have a different cost.


You need to know how to borrow airtime from Airtel. This procedure in this article is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so. With this article, you will know how to borrow airtime from Airtel successfully without stress. At times they might not be networked to recharge your phone and you need airtime urgently, with this code you are good to go. Hope this post was helpful to you.

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