Injury At Work: Employees Compensation In Nigeria


In this post, I will highlight what you need to know regarding injury at work and employees compensation in Nigeria. Please read along and pass on to others who are caught up in this condition.

A lot of employees have lost their lives on duty. Greater number have also sustained severe injuries leading to permanent deformation and lose of members. 

Others faced with life threatening diseases. In all these scenarios, employers have failed to compensate their injured employees. Renumeration has also not been paid to many who became victims of this menace.  

Injury At Work

During the period of employment, employees render services to their employers. These services affect their lives in general. Therefore, the employer is responsible for the welfare and safety of his workers within the jurisdiction of his coverage as stated. 

Some job description requires the employee to be faced with life threatening machines and equipment on a daily basis. 

Some are exposed to toxic chemicals and substances, heavy sounding machines and lot more. 

All these are potential agent of injury. It is there an obligation on the part of the employer to provide a conducive safe working environment for his workers. 

Types Of Injury At Work Worthy Of Compensation

According to the act of employees compensation in section 7-11. Here are the forms or kinds of injuries that are worthy of compensation 

 1. Injuries or diseases sustained during the period of employment. 

 2. Reforming injuries sustained at the time of work or during the period of employment. 

 3. Hearing impairment of employee or superimposed hearing disorder during the time of employment or at work place. 

 4. Mental stress or imbalance diagnosed by a doctor stating that the disorder emanated from the type of work being done. 

 5. Injuries sustained outside of work place which requires the worker to work outside he normal area. 

 6. Injuries sustained between the primary or secondary residence of the employee where the employer is aware of.

 7. Occupation injuries or diseases that prevents the employee from earning full salary. 

Compensation Plan In Nigeria 

For an employee to be worthy of compensation, he or she must do the following as a prerequisite for compensation. 

 1. He or she must apply for compensation under the employee compensation act 2010.

 2. He must present a civil action against the employer at the national industrial court of Nigeria. 

Procedure For Application Of Compensation

Here are the ways by which an injured employee can apply for compensation.

 1. Notification of injury: The injured employee must notify his employer or supervisor within two week of injury. 

 2. Employers obligation to report to the board: The employer must report to the board within one week of injury. 

 3. Application for compensation to the board: The employer must pay compensation within a year or three years at most. 


It is important to know your right as an employee so as to file a case correctly when need be.

Lives have been lost and severe injuries sustained during working period which were left uncompensated.

Have you been searching online for employees compensation in Nigeria regarding injury at work?

This post should guide you on what to do and also help teach others.

Thanks for reading!

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