First Bank USSD Codes

First Bank USSD Codes

Do you know about the First bank USSD codes to run transfers, pay bills, and buy airtime? The first bank has USSD codes to run all transactions just in the comfort of your home.

Use First Bank USSD Codes to transfer cash, bill payment, purchase airtime, and much more. Are you a recently registered First Bank customer? In this post, you will know how to use the First bank USSD code to transfer cash, pay bills, and purchase airtime without visiting a First Bank branch.

First Bank of Nigeria Limited is Nigeria’s leading financial services institution by total assets and total earnings. First Bank’s dial code makes transactions easy for customers.

If you already have a First Bank account, debit card, SMS-enabled phone number, and mobile phone, you can use this USSD code. This post explains how to register and use First Bank short codes. Read on to know more.



  • Introduction
  • List of First bank USSD codes
  • Steps to activate the codes
  • Requirements to activate First bank USSD code
  • First bank transfer code
  • First bank BVN code
  • First bank loan USSD code
  • First bank USSD code to block  First bank ATM card
  • First bank account opening code
  • First bank code to buy airtime
  • Conclusion

First Bank USSD Codes; Easy Guide on How to Get Codes for Transactions

List of First bank USSD codes

For the opening of a new account =The number to call is *894*0#.

Recharging my own phone’s airtime =Dial *894*Amount#.

For recharging for others =Enter *894*Amount*Phone Number# as the phone number to use.

For transfer = Enter *894*Amount*Account Number# as the access code.

For Mini statement = dial *894*Account Number#.

To check your balance =Dial *894*00# to get in touch.

Removing your cell phone number from your USSD profile is as simple as sending the command =Dial *894*911#

Steps to activate the codes

How to Make Use of the First bank USSD Activation Code. It’s simple to sign up for First bank’s USSD rapid banking service. Learn how to subscribe and enable this mobile payment service by following the instructions below:

  • Call *894*0# and a list of your account’s masked debit card numbers will be shown.
  • Select the debit card you prefer.
  • Enter the debit card’s four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Complete your First bank registration by creating a new 5-digit PIN.

Requirements to activate First bank USSD code

You must have the following to activate First bank’s USSD code:

  • An account with the First bank
  • Your debit card, which is linked to,
  • A First bank-linked phone number that has been set up to receive SMS alerts,
  • Any kind of smartphone will do.

First bank transfer code

Money transfers can be made without a connection to the internet. This section includes First bank’s mobile transfer code for transferring money to other accounts, including First bank accounts.

The first bank USSD code for transfer enables you to send funds to friends and relatives without visiting the bank. This can be done for First bank or other bank accounts.

You can use this First bank transfer code without an ATM or mobile app if you’re enrolled for a USSD transfer. The first bank USSD transfer code is dialed.

*894*Amount*Account Number# is the First bank transfer code. Select the receiver bank, verify the amount, and enter your PIN.

*894*7000*0123456789# transfers 7,000 to 0123456789. To confirm the transaction, provide the beneficiary’s account number, bank name, and transfer pin.

Note: First bank’s USSD code for transferring to other banks is also used to transfer between First bank accounts.

First bank BVN code

The first bank BVN code is *565*0#

First bank loan USSD code

The first bank loan USSD code *894*11# can be used to apply for a rapid cash loan to fund your business, automobile purchase, or home construction project.

The USSD Code for First bank ATM Card Blocking

You may need to block your ATM card in the event of an illicit withdrawal of funds from your account, or even if your ATM card is stolen or lost.

First bank customers, on the other hand, will find this useful, as they may send an SMS to do so. Simply transmit the word “BLOCK” to the number 30012 through SMS alert.

This text message must be sent from the phone number associated with the compromised bank account to be effective. There is a 24-hour grace period before your ATM card is completely deactivated.

First bank account opening code

An account opening USSD code for the First bank. You can open a First bank account by dialing the USSD code *894*0#.

Begin by following the instructions below to open a First bank account on your mobile device.

  • Your First bank account phone number can be dialed by dialing *894*0#.
  • The new screen will provide a list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account.
  • Select the debit card that best suits your needs from the selection.
  • Enter the debit card’s four-digit Personal Identification Code (PIN).
  • Your First bank account has now been activated on your smartphone after you set up a new five-digit PIN for verification and authentication.


First bank Codes make all transactions easy and fast even in the comfort of your home without visiting the bank. With this article, you will discover how to do transfers with your phone, open a first bank account, block your ATM card, know the code for loans, and others.

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