The Biography And Grass To Grace Success Story Of Brazilian Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City Striker (Including His Net Worth)

Here is the biography and interesting success story of Brazilian Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City Striker.

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Born on the 3rd of April, 1997 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Gabriel Fernando de Jesus is Mancity’s leading goalscorer and among Brazil’s high profile football strikers just like Neymar Jr and Coutinho.
Estimated to be worth about $3 million in 2018, his incredible grass to grace success story has gone on to inspire so many young people all over the world.
Gabriel Jesus is loved in the world of football for many reasons. His confidence when in possession of the ball, his speed, speed, shot and pass accuracy, humility and lot more.
However only a few people actually know the history of this young talent. His humble beginning and his persistence to change the order of things both in his home and community.
In this post today, you will meet the man Gabriel Jesus via his story and and learn things from his life that will help change yours and the people around you.

Gabriel Jesus Early Life And Childhood

Like I said earlier on, Gabriel Jesus, fully named Gabriel Fernando de Jesus, was born on April 3rd, 1997. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and grew up there.
His mother, Vera Lucia, practically raised both him and his four siblings on her own as her partner (Gabriel Jesus’ dad) abandoned them few months before he was born.
Vera Lucia’s hardwork and positive contributions to her children is one of the major reason Gabriel Jesus considers her as his heroine. In fact, he has reportedly said several times that his mum is his number one fan and biggest critic.
This is why after every goal, he can be seen celebrating while making gestures like someone on call. An act he is said to mean a phone call to his mum.
Here is a lesson and a little motivation for parents reading this: The manner with which is brought up is very important. It goes a long way to determine how successful the child will be in the future.
I know there are times you may feel like giving up on any of your kids. Times when it looks as though your efforts on them are being wasted.
Of course there will also be times when unpleasant situations may come up and make you feel like giving up on them but don’t. No matter how the circumstances.
Always stand by your kids and give them the maximum support they need while growing up. Remember that every child is a gift from God, irrespective of how or when they were conceived.

His Football Passion And Career

While growing up in Jardim Peri, the part of Sao Paulo where Gabriel Jesus and his family lived, the young boy would often go out to play football with his friends.
It was during this time that his strong passion for the game was formed. A passion which was followed up with hardwork, commitment and the willingness to play even without being “rewarded” for it at that early stage.
In 2014, during FIFA World Cup which was hosted in Brazil that year, Gabriel Jesus and his friends were among those who were seen painting the streets of Brazil in preparation for the competition.

Soon, young Jesus started playing for the junior team of the Brazillian club Palmeiras. While in this team, he was reported to have scored 54 goals on 28 appearances.
This achievement led to him being promoted to the senior team of Palmeiras where he made his debut on the 7th of March 2015 against CA Bragintino.
In 2015, he was among the team that won the Copa do Brazil and later in 2016, Brasileiro Serie A.
At Etihad where he now for plays for Manchester City under Pep Guardiola, Gabriel Jesus continues to establish himself as a striker that can be depended upon to deliver when it matters most.
His achievement in the 2017/2018 English Premier League season is without doubt one of the major reasons this young guy has won the hearts of so many football lovers around the world.
He is today among the most loved and celebrated players all over the world. No wonder during the 2018 World Cup, the images of Gabriel Jesus can be seen being painted all over his country Brazil.

From the painter to being painted. That is his amazing story!

Gabriel Jesus Impacts In Brazil

In Brazil, Gabriel Jesus has been a source of inspiration to so many young people especially in Jardim Peri, the northern part of Sao Paulo where he grew up and started playing football.
With a tatoo of his hometown on his arm, Jesus always speaks of the place with so much pride in interviews.
Every now and then he has the opportunity, he would visit Jardim Peri, play with his former colleagues and friends and get to enjoy the neighbourhood.
It’s amazing that such a player of his quality has never forgotten his roots. I consider that a lesson for everyone reading this.
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No matter how much success you are seeing now or will yet see, never ever forget your roots. Always be proud of where you came from and the people that helped you get to where you are today.
With just a few years of playing for Brazil’s senior team, Gabriel Jesus has recorded so many successes.

In Summary

Like most people, Gabriel Jesus had his fair of challenges while growing up in Brazil. But he never let those challenges cast a shadow on his glorious future. Thanks to a mother that was very supportive.
That is why we can all read his amazing success story today and get inspired to never give up on our dreams.
From his life and achievements so far at both club and country level, we can all see that hardwork backed by a strong passion to succeed or be different truly pays.
It is our wish that the young man Gabriel Jesus, will continue to do well and beat his past records.
I hope you were inspired and learnt one or two things from Gabriel Jesus’ success story.
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Thanks for reading.

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