Easybuy Phones: How To Get Any Smartphone Of Your Choice With An Upfront Of Less Than Half The Original Price


Have you ever desired a phone that was way beyond your budget?
Have you needed an urgent phone replacement and didn’t have the funds at the moment?

What if I tell you that you could get your dream phone with an upfront of less than half the original price?
Then let me introduce you to Easybuy phones.

What Is Easybuy?

It is a phone mortgage service that allows you to ‘buy now and pay later’. It means you can buy any phone or tablet of your choice by simply making a down payment, while the full payment is delayed until later.

And I do mean, any device of your choice; it could be a Tecno, Infinix, Huawei, Xiaomi, or even an iPhone and Samsung product.

Interesting right?

You do not have to walk away from what you want because of the present cash constraints.

The service which is owned by Transsnet Financial Nigeria, same company that owns Palmcredit, began in January 2019. It is available everywhere in Nigeria and has given users great satisfaction.

How Does EasyBuy Work?

You would find the service at any Easy buy partner store or any major phone store where you find their agents in their customised shirts.

Step 1: Choose the smartphone or tablet you would like to purchase.

Step 2: Fill a registration form with the Easy buy agent. You would be asked to fill in your personal and bank details.
Note that your info is secured.

Step 3: The agent processes your enrollment and once your application is successful you pay the initial deposit which is only 30% of the phone’s price.

Step 4: Easybuy settles the rest of your bill with the phone store and your repayment is to Easybuy loan app.

You are then free to walk out of the store with your phone in hand.

Some Things To Note

Ensure that you ONLY pay the initial deposit after your application has been approved.

Collect your phone immediately after you have paid your deposit.
Test your new phone at the shop before leaving.

Collect the Easy buy agent’s contact for further enquires and complaints, if there be any.

What Qualifies You For EasyBuy?

  • An ATM card approved for online transactions.
  • Your BVN.
  • A valid identification (National I.D, Voters card, International passport, or Driver’s license).
  • A consistent month-to-month income.
  • 4 people who can guarantee your identity over a phone call.

How does the repayment work?

Easybuy has a fair interest rate and comes with 2 repayment plans:

  • 3 months repayment with an interest rate of 9% per month.
  • 6 months repayment with an interest rate of 6% per month.

Now, it could get tiring to walk up to the shop every time to make payments. The convenient way is to download the Easy Buy mobile app with which you can make payments just by registering your ATM card details; all at the comfort of your home.


You can also make payments before the end date.

Are there penalties for delayed payments?

Yes, you could get additional charges or a police complaint will be filed against you. But no need for such occurrences.

Easybuy Customer Care Number

For further enquires, you can contact their customer service on:
Phone: +01 8888188
Website: easybuy.loans.com
Email: [email protected]

Final Words

Now you have all you need to know about Easy buy phones, you can have any phone or tablet of your dreams even with the little cash you have.

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