How To Check Airtel Number In 3 Seconds: Simplest Methods

Are you searching online for “how to check my Airtel number?” Here is an information guide on how to check Airtel number in 3 seconds!

This post will address all the questions you have been asking on Google, with regards to your Airtel phone number. For instance “how to know my Airtel number”

Why Airtel Telecommunication Network Is Booming In Africa

Although there are several telecommunication networks in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, Airtel, MTN and GLO greatly overshadows them all. And out of these three, Airtel stands very tall – of course, after MTN.

The mobile network has grown from just a few hundred thousand subscribers to several millions of active subscribers.

It wasn’t easy growing the company into the telecom giant it is today, but the management has been able to do it.

So what’s the secret? Why is everyone getting an Airtel Line today?

The answer is simple: top quality mobile phone network and affordable data subscription packages.

After GLO, Airtel has the most affordable and long lasting data plans in Nigeria. You can hardly come across any Airtel user complaining of “data zapping” as it is with the other telecoms in the country.

Airtel’s 4G LTE bands hardly ever fluctuates. So you can be sure of downloading heavy files in just a few minutes with the network. Except in very remote villages where there are generally poor network connections.

In case you need you need help finding your Airtel number, below is how to get it.

How To Check Airtel Number In Less Than 3 Seconds

There are several ways to check your Airtel number in Nigeria. Let me show you the fastest and simplest of them:

1. How To Check Your Airtel Number With USSD Code

You can get your Airtel phone number displayed on your screen using Airtel USSD service code.

To check your Airtel number with USSD code:

  • Dial *121# on your phone.
  • A list of Airtel service options will be shown on your screen, select “Manage My Account” which is number 3.
  • On the next page, reply with 4 to choose “My Number.”
  • Your Airtel phone number will be instantly shown on your screen. Copy it out and press OK to end the process.

Alternatively, you can just dial *121*3*4# using your Airtel line to reveal the number.

Congratulations, you have successfully checked your Airtel mobile number with the Airtel short service code.

Below is another way to check it as well.

2. How To Check Airtel Number With Mobile App

You can also check your Airtel phone number using the Airtel Africa mobile app.

To do this, simply download and install My Airtel Africa mobile app on your phone.

If you have registered on it before, launch the app and click on “My Account” on your dashboard. It will lead you to your profile where you see your Airtel number and other information about you.

3. How To Know Your Airtel Number Through Phone Call And Text Message

If you have forgotten your Airtel Nigeria phone number, another simple way to know it is via a text or phone call.

To get it, simply recharge your line and send a short text message to any other phone line close to you. Your Airtel number will be displayed on the receiver’s screen as the SMS sender. You can then copy it from there.

Another way to do this is to call or give the neighbour’s number a beep. Your Airtel number will be instantly displayed on their phone as the caller. Copy it from there and save it where you can easily reach it if you need it again.

In Conclusion

Have you been searching for “how to know my Airtel number” or “how to get my phone number for Airtel?”

I hope you find this informative guide on “how to check Airtel number” useful.

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