Nigeria Coat Of Arms: The Meaning, History And Pictures

Are you searching online for Nigeria coat of arms? Do you want to know the meaning and history of the Nigerian coat of arms or want to see the pictures?

This guide explains the meaning of the symbols on the Nigeria coat of arms and answers all the questions you have about it.

Here, you will learn about the year the coat of arms was created, designed it, which president approved it and so on. You will also see images of the coat of arms in black and white. Continue reading!

What Is The Meaning Of The Nigeria Coat Of Arms?

I’m going to answer this question in the clearest way possible for you to understand it. So that when anyone else (especially a foreigner) asks you this, you can be able to give an accurate answer without forgetting anything in the process.

The full meaning of the Nigeria coat of arms centres around the 5 symbols that make up the national coat of arms.

Let’s do a breakdown of each of these symbols below to find their meaning.

The Eagle

The Red Eagle at the top of the coat of arms of Nigeria symbolizes the strength the country possesses together.

It was put there to remind the Nigerian citizens about the enormous strength they possess as a united entity.

Regardless of the part of the country we come from, we all need each other. We’re stronger, and stronger together than divided.

The Shield

The black shield on which the Eagle stands, signifies the fertility of the Nigerian land in terms of agriculture.

Nigeria remains of the most blessed countries in terms of farming and agricultural productions. There is hardly any seed planted in the Nigerian soil that doesn’t grow. Except those our temperature doesn’t support.

The essence of the black shield in the coat of arms of Nigeria is to remind the youths of their rich agricultural heritage and to encourage them to always embrace farming as a valuable means of survival.

The Band

The Green and White band at the top of the Shield, which the eagle is standing on, symbolizes the rich Nigerian soil. It shares a similar meaning with the black shield.

The Wavy Pall

The White Wavy Pall with the Y-shape symbolizes the two great Nigerian rivers, River Niger and River Benue, which meet at the capital of Kogi State, Lokoja.

The Rivers flow from there to other neighbouring countries.

The Horses

The two horses standing opposite each other on the sides of the Shield on the Nigeria coat of arms symbolize the dignity of Nigeria.

Unlike what many people say, the two horses do not actually represent the strength of the country. The Eagle serves that purpose. They actually stand for dignity.

The Flowers

The red flowers at the base of the coat of arms of Nigeria are called Costus Spectabilis. They symbolizes the beauty of the nation.

Costus Spectabilis was chosen during the designing of the coat of arms because it is the only flower found in every part of Nigeria. Whether in the Northern Nigeria or the Southern part.

The Bandarole Writeup

On the bandarole wrapping the base of the coat of arms is written “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.”  This slogan is the national motto of Nigeria.

These are the national coat of arms symbols and meanings.

Who Designed Nigeria’s Coat Of Arms?

The coat of arms of Nigeria was designed by a young Nigerian student named Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi in the year 1959.

His design was accepted out of the several numbers of entries received in the coat of arms design competition.

After his work was accepted, minor modifications were done on it to make it look the way it does today.

Different Images Of The Nigeria Coat Of Arms For Your Perusal

Below are the different pictures of the coat of arms of Nigeria for your viewing pleasure.

The images show the Nigerian coat of arm in black and white, green background, in the seal of the President, the logo of the Senate and that of the Federal House of Representatives.

Final Words On Nigeria’s Coat Of Arms

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