What Is The full Meaning of Sapa in Nigeria? Check Out What The Yoruba Slang Means In English


What is the full meaning of Sapa in Nigeria

What is Sapa in Yoruba?

What is Sapa in Nigeria?

What does SAPA stand for?

Why are Nigerians saying Sapa?

Check out the full meaning of the Yoruba slang “Sapa” in Nigeria here. Read on!

For several weeks now, the Lagos slang “Sapa” has been trending on Twitter and other social media platforms in Nigeria.

You must have noticed a few friends use it online while talking about something or an experience they recently had.

Interestingly, the slang is trending almost the same time with “Cubana, Cubanize, Lori Iro” and so on.

Why are Nigerians saying Sapa online? You asked. Well, check out the full meaning of the word below.

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The Full Meaning Of SAPA In Nigerian Yoruba Language

Sapa, pronounced as “sa-pa”, is a popular slang derived from the Yoruba language in Nigeria. The word is mostly used to refer to “a state of lack” or “being broke” after spending money recklessly.

When you hear someone say something like “Omo sapa hold me tight”, it means he is terribly broke and is in need of money.

How Nigerians Are Using The Slang “Sapa” Online

A few examples of how Nigerians have used the word over the past few days on social media includes:

“Omo, I no know wetin push me go throw money for Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial, now Sapa don catch me”

“As the babe go after we comot from Shoprite, na hin beta Sapa come hold me”

“Your guy sapa now o. I just dey find money anyhow now”

Where Did The Slang Originate From? Who Started It?

Though the slang has gained massive popularity on social media, it is still not clear where it came from or who started it. However, most believe the slang originated from Lagos, Nigeria.

Another city that have been closely linked to the origin of the word is Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State in  Nigeria.

Regardless of where it was first heard, we know the word didn’t become popular until social media users started using it. Especially on Twitter.

In Summary

Did you find the meaning of Sapa here interesting?

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