How To Make Money Buying And Selling Phone Accessories In Nigeria (A Complete Guide)

One of the greatest feat the world has ever seen in technological advancement is the invention of the mobile phone and it’s accessories.
Before the mobile phone ever came into existence, it was very difficult to pass across information from one place to another. People communicated with one another using various means that most of us would find funny today.
The coming of mobile phones or handsets helped simplified life by making the passing of information from one person to another very easy.
Today in the world, there are over 150 million active phone users in Nigeria alone not talk of Africa and the the whole world at large. The numbers keep rising every year.
With this rising trend also comes the need for phone accessories for day to day full usage of the mobile phone. Accessories like Screen guards for touch screen smartphones, batteries, earphones also called earpiece, battery chargers, phone casing etc.
In this post today I’m going to be showing you how you can take advantage of the business opportunities the mobile phone presents and create a lasting lucrative business for yourself buying and selling (phone) accessories.
When we talk about phone accessories business, most people do not actually know or believe that it is possible to make so much money from this business.
However the numbers of people(phone accessories dealers) that are making it big in places like Computer Village Ikeja, Lagos (where the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg recently visited), Emeka Offor Plaza, Onitsha, Anambra State and so many other places in Nigeria is a sure proof that there is serious gold in this business.
Let me show you how you can start and be among this number of top dealers in your own region as well.
How To Start And Earn Huge From Phone Accessories Business
1. Have A Good Business Plan
A good business plan is necessary for a successful business. The same applies to phone accessories business. A good business plan should be able to show vividly what the business is all about, business stage, marketing plan and every other detail about your business.
2. Learn The Trade
Though you can start phone accessories business without any much prior experience and grow with time, learning about the business will give you a better platform to start.
It will help you avoid some common mistakes most entrepreneurs or beginners in this business often make and also help you trade like a pro.
3. Buy Original Products
It is so easy to fall for fake products when it comes to buying phone accessories that you will resell later. If you are not careful when buying these accessories from places like Emeka Offor’s Plaza, Onitsha or Computer Village Ikeja (both in Nigeria), anything can be offered to you.
You have to put your instincts to work here especially when offered extremely cheap products, open your eyes and “shine” them well.
Do not just buy anything in the market simply because it is cheap and very much available. Buy products from brands that have gained reputation for quality products.
4. Start Small And Grow
Do you have a serious interest in phone accessories business but don’t feel like you have enough capital already?
Maybe you are thinking what you have may not be able to buy you so much goods at the beginning or that people may not consider you serious if you didn’t start with so much goods.
 Let me tell you something that will help you. And that thing is, “don’t be afraid to start small.”
Start with what you have right now in your hands and see it as a stepping stone to greater heights. Do not wait till you have so much money before you start.
A lot of business ideas have gone unfulfilled all because the people who could have started them were waiting till everything will be ready before they will take their first step.
Regardless of how much you have, start. If it is just phone battery chargers, memory cards, screen guards, earphones, power banks etc. that you can buy and start with, buy them and dream big.
Start with what you have but set your eyes and heart on greater heights.
5. Invest In Mini Importation
One of the greatest ways to make money from this business is to start a mini importation of phone accessories.
Mini importation of products like memory cards, touch screen guards and several other phone accessories from places like China will go a long way to boost your business in a very short time.
You don’t even need to travel to China to do this. You can start by checking out some products on different Chinese online stores like Aliexpress which is actually the most popular and highly recommended Chinese online store.
Importing these products on a small scale will help you expand your business and make more profits as you get to either directly from the manufacturers through those online stores or their major distributors.
6. Advertise Your Business
I don’t need to start telling you the role advertisement plays in the success of any business. Advertising your business is something that you can never take for granted.
As a beginner, there are several effective and yet cheap advertisement methods you can employ and make your business known. Some of these methods includes:
  • Word Of Mouth
  • The Internet (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and other social media platforms)
  • Business cards
  • Fliers And Banners

Other methods that are very effective though involve some amount of money are:
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Sponsored Posts etc.

In conclusion, with the increase in the number of mobile phone users all over the world, phone accessories business is surely one of the best money making ideas and anyone can invest his money in.
You may not necessarily have all the money required for a start but do not let that stop you. Start with what you have and dream big. Focus your heart more on where you want the business to be tomorrow more than where it is today.
While it is good to plan very well before starting, know when to quit planning and begin to take conscious bold steps with the little money in your hand.
Work very hard and smarter too in order to make it to the list of top phone accessories dealers within your region.
Thank you!
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