How To Get Bigger Butts Fast (100% Working Methods)


The female physique is praised for being voluptuous. The more endowed ladies are often envied by other women and let’s not talk about the male preference for large hips and ‘bigg’ bum-bums, buttocks or bottoms.

With the present emphasis on physical appearance, ladies who are not naturally bumtastic are seeking ways to beef up their bums for whatever personal reasons.

This article shows you how to get bigger butts…fast.

1. Getting Bigger Butts With Natural Procedures

You don’t dig cosmetic surgery? No qualms, there are some natural methods of getting larger bottoms.

  • Exercise

The buttock consists of three muscles that are responsible for bulk: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

There are exercises (that can be done in your home) that focus directly on strengthening these muscles.

Some of these are:

  • Glute bridge
  • Jumping squats
  • Clamshell
  • Donkey kicks
  • Planks
  • Banded side steps
  • Dumbbell lunges and walking lunges
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Single leg squats

Things to note while doing butt exercises:

Do not overtrain. When it comes to physical exercises, more is not better. Excessive drills lead to muscle stress and failure.

It is profitable to do a combination of exercises. You will not make progress with just squats; add 3 others to it.

Learn to use weights in your exercises, like dumbbells or kettlebells. The glutes are big muscles and require weights for proper toning.

  • Proper Dieting

Workouts with a poor diet will NOT give you your desired outcome.

On the converse, gorging food without workouts does not guarantee that fat will build up in your buttocks, they will accumulate anywhere and will leave you out of shape.

Targeted workouts allow proper usage of the nutrients for the development of that particular area of the body.

Proteins: Good sources are turkey, chicken breasts, skimmed milk, eggs, fish, legumes, meat, soy protein, and protein shakes.

Healthy fats: Fish oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, nut butter, olive oil, and salmon are sources of healthy fats.

Of course carbs: Go for vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, brown rice, barley, corn, oats, and whole-grain pasta.

Others: you can add supplements for muscle building like whey protein, and healthy smoothies, and sweet potatoes.

While you may be searching for quick results, do not set yourself up for frustration by setting unrealistic goals.
Exercising and proper dieting require about 8 to 12 weeks for significant results.

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2. Getting Bigger Butts With Cosmetic Surgery

This is the quickest way to build the buttocks, and if you don’t mind going under the knife, then, by all means, do.
There are a few butt augmentation procedures:

Butt implants: Artificial devices such as silicone are surgically placed inside the buttocks to increase their volume. To avoid complications, choose the right size and type for your body frame and avoid quacks.

Injectable implants: Fillers such as Sculptra and hydrogel can be injected and used instead of implants. They are cheaper and less invasive.

Fat transfer: Fat from other places of the body can be removed and grafted into the buttocks to increase the volume.

In Conclusion

Enhancing the butt requires dedication to a daily routine of exercise and dieting or a surgical transformation.

Some people recommend massages and butt enlargement oils and creams, but they have no scientific evidence of their efficiency.

I have shown you how to get bigger butts fast and I guarantee that they are 100% working methods.

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