How To Start Tissue Paper Production Business In Nigeria (Local Toilet Paper Manufacturing Guide)


Are you considering starting tissue paper production business in Nigeria?

Here’s a well detailed guide for you to learn how the business works and everything you need to start it.

The importance of tissue paper in our world today cannot be overemphasized.

Even in underdeveloped areas like villages, the need for tissue paper or toilet paper is very high.

Tissue paper production is an Industry with large market and low local cost of production.

Since the importation of toilet paper was banned in Nigeria in 2004 by the Federal Government in a bid to support local producers of this commodity, the production industry has witnessed massive growth.

Today it is one of the businesses to go into whether on a low, medium or large scale basis.

Key Facts About Tissue Paper Production Business In Nigeria

The basic things that might trigger your interest towards this business are as follows.

1. The processes involved in manufacturing toilet roll is quite simple regardless of the means of production.

2. Administration must be put in place because the business needs a delivery personnel, a marketer, machine operators and an accountant.

3. The commodity is on high demand. You don’t need to spend much on packaging because without that, your market will sell. People don’t look out for designed toilet roll, rather they go for soft and good quality ones. Have it in mind that the price must be reasonable.

4. Easy to market. Tissue Paper requires little or no marketing. What your customer needs is a neatly packaged, soft product. Mostly importantly, the price must fit the people’s spending budget.

What Does It Entail To Venture Into Tissue Paper Production?

This business is a long term production that requires a huge capital for set up.

Depending on how prepared you are in terms of cash, you can start on a small, medium or low scale basis.

Toilet roll producers are charged with the duties of manufacturing, packaging and distribution of different forms of soft and hygienic papers.

With the use of either manual or automated machines, you can produce toilet roll using recycled papers that are processed into soft, bulky and absorbent disposable papers or Whitened Wood Pulps.

The tissue paper production is among the fast growing manufacturing industry in Nigeria because of its diverse use.

This consumer product is used at homes, schools, offices, hotels, shops, restaurants etc for hygiene purposes.

For this reason, the federal government banned it’s importation to promote local producers and create more jobs for Nigerians.

Raw Materials And Where To Get Them

The primary raw material for tissue paper is Jumbo Rolls and it can be gotten from dealers in Lagos.

There are two major kinds of production and they are the local or manual production and the automated production.

Your budget (capital) will determine your kind of production.

The local machines are much more affordable than the automated machines in terms of maintainace and affordability, while the foreign machines are superior and has no limit in production.

With a budget of 2 to 15 million naira, you can set up your tissue paper business.

In Summary

Having known the demand for tissue paper in Nigeria and Africa at large, venturing into it will not only enrich you but you will become an entrepreneur and help curb unemployment in the country.

Are you searching online for how to start tissue or toilet paper production business in Nigeria?

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