Lehigh University Acceptance Rate and School Fees

In this article I will explain lehigh university acceptance rate.

With a 32 percent admittance rate, Lehigh University is a private research university in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

There are three 1,600-acre campuses that make up the university. 

Academic support services, a learning center, study skill aid – tutoring, and a writing center are available to Lehigh University students. For classes and services, English is used as a secondary language.

Honors programs, independent study possibilities, internships, a student exchange program, and career guidance are also available at the university.

Lehigh University provides winter break programs in Costa Rica, Martinique, Spain, and Singapore for students who like to travel during their college holidays.

Summer programs are also offered in Ireland, Belgium, London, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, and Kenya, as well as a spring break program in Israel, all of which are directed by Lehigh academics.

Engineering and business majors are among the most popular courses at the university, which offers over 100 undergraduate degree programs. 

Acceptance Rate

With a 32 percent admission rate, Lehigh University is ranked #8 in Pennsylvania for the lowest acceptance rate.

This means that just 32 people out of every 100 applications are accepted, making Lehigh’s admissions process difficult. 

The university’s admissions requirements are highly stringent. Students who score in the top 12% of their class get admitted to the institution. For most high school pupils, it is relatively simple.

The enrollment rate is competitive, just as the acceptance rate is. 

Only 28% of students who are accepted into the institution actually attend. 

Scores on the SAT and ACT, as well as GPA 

Applicants who score in the top 14% of SAT test-takers are considered for admission to Lehigh University.

Lehigh often accepts SAT composite scores as low as 1280 on a 1600 scale, below which admission is seen a stretch.

Students with a SAT score of 1190 may still be accepted. However, admitted freshmen’s average SAT composite score is predicted to be 1370 out of 1600.

The highest average SAT composite score in Pennsylvania belongs to Lehigh University, which is ranked #6.

Applicants who want to get admitted on merit must have a competitive SAT score, as 63 percent of applicants do.

According to admissions data, Lehigh University accepts students with an ACT of 29 or higher on a regular basis.

According to statistics, successful applicants often transmit ACT scores in the top 9% of the country, and in some cases, the school accepts ACT composite scores as low as 27.

Students who have an ACT composite score of 31 or above will almost certainly be in the top half of applicants, and those who have an ACT score of 33 or higher will have a strong opportunity.

In addition to the SAT, the university has the highest average ACT composite score in Pennsylvania.

ACT scores are submitted by 37 percent of all applicants to Lehigh University, according to data.

The school authorities considers not just your GPA and SAT/ACT scores, but also the difficulty of your curriculum, extracurricular activities, reference letters, and personal statements. 

80-100 percent – Safety school: Good likelihood of getting in 50-80% – More likely than not getting in 20-50 percent. — Chances of getting in are lower, but still good, at 5-20 percent. — Unlikely to get in, but there’s still a chance (reach school) 

0-5 percent — Getting in is extremely difficult.

Financial Assistance in lehigh university

Lehigh University awards merit and need-based scholarships to students all around the world.

Academic achievement awards for students in the top 10% of their candidate pool are included in these scholarships. 

Dean’s Scholars get a $10,000 annual prize for academic excellence and shown leadership in their respective high schools.

Students with strong academic skills and a demonstrated need are eligible for the need-based Lehigh scholarship programs.

The Life of Students in lehigh university

Students at Lehigh University are required to reside on campus their first year.

Students may stroll to classrooms, libraries, the gym, and other activities from their residence halls, which are located all across campus. 

Students can pick between double, single, or triple rooms when they arrive. Despite the limited number of single rooms, each room has a phone, cable TV, and direct Internet access.


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