Here Is How To Receive Money Through Payoneer In Nigeria – 100% Free

Want to receive money online? Here is how to receive money through Payoneer in Nigeria.
I will show you in this post the latest and practical ways to receive money online through Payoneer in Nigeria presently.
Are you aware that Payoneer is widely considered as the best alternative to Paypal to receive money online? That means if you do not know how to receive money in Nigeria through Paypal successfully, Payoneer is just the next option for you to choose.
As you read on, you will learn how to successfully open and setup a Payoneer account to receive payments in Nigeria or just money from family and friends outside the country.
I have come across people who ask questions like:

Is Payoneer Secure For Online Transactions?

The answer is Yes.
Payoneer is highly secured for carrying out online transactions. Your personal details such as email address, home address and banking details are highly secured with the payment gateway.
In fact, numerous e-commerce websites around uses Payoneer as one of their main method of receiving payments for products and services due to its tight security.
The payment platform is also trusted by big advertisement networks and freelancing websites who use it as an option to pay their publishers and freelancers.
If you work on Fiverr as a freelancer for instance, you would have come across Payoneer in the payment section where you are required to setup how to receive payments for your services on the platform, the payment gateway comes right next to Paypal.

Can I Truly Receive Money Online Through Payoneer In Nigeria?

Yes you can receive money online through Payoneer in Nigeria.
That is the main reason for this post, to show you how to successfully receive money through Payoneer.

Can I use Payoneer To Also Send Money Online?

Yes, you can use Payoneer to send money online.
The only requirement is for the recipient to also have an account with Payoneer and you are good to go.
With a strong presence in over 200 countries all over the world, this payment gateway makes it easy to send and receive money from different parts of the world.
Countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Iran and so many others that face difficulties receiving money with online with Paypal can easily do it using Payoneer.
Not only these countries, even in places where Paypal is used without much challenges like the United States of America, Germany, England, Australia and other places, Payoneer can also serve as a good alternative to send and receive money online.
Let me now show you with image guides how to successfully open and setup your Payoneer account to receive money in Nigeria or any other country in less than five (5) minutes.
I am going to make it so simple that you will discover that while learning how to receive, you have also learnt how to send money through it.

How To Open And Setup A Payoneer Account To Receive Money In Nigeria

Step 1

Using your mobile phone, Tablet or Computer visit on your browser.

Step 2

Click on Sign Up”. It will open to the next page where you will be required to fill in your personal details
Remember to fill in your details correctly because any mistake here maybe costly later. Ensure to type in a working email address in the space set apart for it. This is where Payoneer will send you a “confirmation” mail later.
You will be required to click on that confirmation mail sent to your inbox before your account can be fully active and ready to receive payments or just any kind of money online.
You will be required to choose your transaction currency while setting up your account. A lot of people whose country’s currency is not available on the platform use the US Dollar as their transaction currency on Payoneer.
You can choose the same US Dollar or any other currency that you are more comfortable with. Personally I prefer using the American Dollar since it is very popular and easy to carry out transactions with.

Step 3

After signing up successfully, apply for Payoneer Mastercard.
It is a debit card from Payoneer that you can use to withdraw money from any ATM in the world. You can as well use it for other financial transactions you may have need of, just like your local bank credit and debit cards.
The Payoneer Mastercard is free for all of their customers, regardless of your country.
In the card’s application form, you will be required to enter your physical address where the card will be shipped to.
If you do not already know your ZIP/Postal Code, you can visit your country’s postal service website and figure that out because you will be required to enter it on the application form.
For Nigerians, you can find your State, Local Government Area, Town and Street postal code on NIPOST official website.
Enter the code in the application form alongside other necessary details that are required of you and submit.
After your submission you will have to wait for a maximum of 30 days for the Card to arrive at your doorstep.
If you didn’t receive the Card within this 30 day period, feel free to contact their Customer Care Service and lay your complaints, you will either be sent another Card or whatever delayed the first will be rectified.

Step 4

Link up your local bank account directly with Payoneer.
This will enable you receive money directly in your local bank account from Payoneer.
After this last step, feel free to give out out your account information to family and friends within and outside the country to send money to you through it because you can now receive money through Payoneer in Nigeria.
If you work online and need to receive payments or carry out any financial transaction, your new Payoneer account can do that perfectly.
For every financial transaction you make on the platform, you will be charged a few tokens just like Paypal and your local banks do.
However, these transaction charges are very small and not so much to be considered a problem.
Overall, you will find Payoneer worth using to receive money online not only in Nigeria but in any part of the world.
If you followed this guide step by step then “Congratulations!” you can now receive money through Payoneer in Nigeria or your own country.

In Summary

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