How To Earn Extra Income As a Freelancer (Best Freelancing Tips, Skills And Top 7 Websites To Work Online As a Freelancer)

Do you want to earn extra money online with your skills and free time? Becoming a freelancer may just be the right option for you.
Regardless of the negative notions some people have about freelancers from certain parts of the world (Nigeria inclusive), freelancing is a great way for anyone to make real money from his skills and free time, whether online or offline.
Throughout this post, I will be showing you valuable tips to help you succeed as a freelancer and top 7 websites that welcomes freelancers from any part of the world. (You don’t want to miss this)
However before that, let me briefly explain the terms “freelancing” and “freelancer” so you can fully follow the direction this post is going.
What Is Freelancing And Who Is a Freelancer?
Freelancing (freelance) is simply a type of work in which individuals work on a contract basis for different companies and individual clients, instead of working for a single company as an employee.
Though it is similar to being self employed, they are not the same. Since freelancing does not necessarily involved the hiring of staff to work with you.
If a person gets paid for doing a particular project that he is skilful at, for one hour, a day, a week or more, instead of the usual salary that is received per month, then such a person is a freelancer.
Freelancers who work online often register on websites where they use their marketable skills for example, graphics designing and article writing, to work for clients in need of their services and get paid. {As you read on, you will find some of these websites where freelancers can meet clients easily}
Top 16 Freelancing Skills In High Demand
Though it is true that you can make a living from any marketable skill as a freelancer, there are several skills that are more in demand than others.
Learning one or two of these skills will help you earn more from freelancing. They are:
1. Website Designing
2. Graphics Designing
3. Computer Programming
4. Article Writing
5. Mobile App Development
6. Website Seo
7. Internet Marketing
8. Customer Service
9. Virtual Assistant
10. Transcribing Of Audio And Video Materials
11. Translation
12. Photography
13. Coaching
14. Song Writing
15. Accounting
16. Business Consulting
Best Freelancing Websites For Beginners
Below is a list of top freelancing websites that have received positive reviews from both clients and freelancers.
Registering with any of these websites does not in any way mean a freelancer will start making money right away. All of that depends on the hardwork, creativity, commitment and timely delivery of the freelancer.
However, these websites present freelancers the best opportunities to be successful and last long freelancing.
1. Upwork
With the coming together of two popular freelance platforms, Elance and oDesk, Upwork became the most popular freelance platform in the world.
With it’s total membership earnings being around $1 billion, Upwork is a platform for serious clients and freelancers, especially beginners.
Though registration with Upwork is free, it is important to note that the platform keeps a small percentage of every client’s payment for jobs done.
Upwork gives you the opportunity to work with almost any marketable skill you have on its platform. Payment options available on Upwork includes Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer and Paypal.
2. Fiverr
The name Fiverr is derived from the word “five.” That is why it is pronounced as “five-rr”
On this popular freelance platform, the least amount you can charge clients for any work at all is $5 dollar.
Like Upwork, Fiverr gives you the opportunity to works on its platform with almost any marketable skill you (including human billboards). it also keeps a very small percent of every clients payment.
The payments options on Fiverr are Paypal and Payoneer. Registration is free.
3. Textbroker
This freelance platform is exclusively for writers. Though signing up with Textbroker is free, you will be required to take a writing test and will be manually approved before you can start accepting jobs from clients.
Textbroker uses Escrow as their payment option for freelancers.
If you have a good command of English or other international languages like French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish, and can write quality articles, then consider signing up with Textbroker.
4. Guru
This is a freelance platform for designers, developers, accountants, writers, translators, marketers, legal specialists and administrative professionals.
Guru connects its freelancers (Gurus) to individual clients and companies and mediates in the payment process as well.
Apart from the Basic membership plan which is free for sign ups, Guru offers paid membership plans also.
The paid membership plans gives you access to so many things the free version doesn’t.
Guru also uses Escrow as one of their payment option.
5. PeoplePerHour
Like Upwork and Fiverr, PeoplePerHour offers clients the opportunity to meet a wide range of freelancers who are experts in software and web development and designing, multimedia production, writing and translation, social media marketing etc
PeoplePerHour mediates in payment processes and uses Escrow as their major payment option. Sign up is free.
This freelance platform has established itself as one of the most dominant platforms in freelancing with millions of users and projects posted yearly.
Signing up with is free but there is also paid membership that entitles you to more bids.
You can request for a withdrawal once the money in your account reaches $30 and get it through bank transfer or any other method.
7. CodementorX
CodementorX is a freelance platform exclusively for web and mobile developers.
With a good number of daily users and projects, CodementorX is a good place for freelancers with skills in and mobile development to meet clients.
You can sign up with them and start receiving jobs almost immediately.
Tips On How To Succeed As A Freelancer
It is one thing to know about freelancing skills and websites, it is another thing to know about how to be successful as a freelancer.
The reason is because although freelance is very robust globally, it is a very highly competitive market.
Here are few tips to help you succeed as a freelancer.
1. Be proactive and search for clients constantly.
2. Learn how to advertise yourself and your services using different methods possible (including social media)
3. Be diligent in carrying out a specific project when given, avoid excuses by all means.
4. Always deliver your project in time. If possible, in lesser time than agreed. It will make your clients come back for more.
5. Be considerate in your prices. Always know that there are several people out there that can do the same job at a lesser price. Don’t scare clients away with high price.
6. Always update your gig to meet the latest requirements. Add image and video/audio description where necessary.
7. Be polite when talking to clients. Avoid foul languages by all means. Sharpen your communication skills.
8. Train yourself to master your skills very well. Clients love freelancers who can give their projects a touch of “excellence” and “professionalism”.
9. Do not put a service in your profile that you can’t provide
10. Always ask clients questions where you are not clear when working on their projects. Don’t make a mess of their projects. Ask questions.
11. Always be available online to get information about client request and send in your application as soon as possible.
In Summary
Freelance is a very beautiful thing to do to earn extra income daily, weekly or monthly. It is not an easy way to make money though. But with the information above, anybody can succeed in it.
I hope you find this article helpful. If you do, please share it on social networks using the share buttons below.
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Thanks for reading!

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