9 Google Products And Services You Can Use To Boost Your Business Reach, Efficiency And Earnings

Do you know that apart from its search engine (where you can find almost anything you are looking for), Google has other powerful products and services you can use to boost your business reach, efficiency and earnings?
As a freelancer, digital marketer, sales representative, website owner, entrepreneur or even a business owner, there are several Google products and services that can help you increase your reach and as well make more money especially online.
In this post today, I will show you some of these products and services by Google that I am talking about and how you can fully use them to transform your business.
9 Best Google Products And Services To Boost Your Business Reach And Earnings
  • Gmail

Pronounced as Gee-mail” and short form for “Google Mail”, this is a web email messaging platform developed and managed by Google. Gmail enables users to send and receive email online.
Creating a Gmail account for your business will not only help you receive mails from different parts of the world, it will also help you to monetise your business website with Adsense.
  • Google Drive

Google Drive enables you to freely store both personal and business files of different sizes and formats on a 15gb storage space provided for you by Google online.
You can choose to upload files to your Google Drive account from your phone (provided you have the app on it) or computer.
Files stored on this Drive can be viewed and edited from anywhere.
To share any file you have uploaded with someone, just copy the link and send it to them. As soon as they open the link from their browser, it will lead them straight to the file where they can view and as well download it.
  • Google Docs

With Google Docs, you can create, edit, import and update documents online (right from your browser) without downloading or installing any software on your device.
The only disadvantage with this word processor is that you cannot use it offline.
  • Analytics

Google Analytics helps you understand what your users (customers) want and how to serve them better.
Through Analytics, you can be able to figure out what is working on your site and what is not. You can even see the locations your customers are coming from, the products and contents they viewed and how long they did.
This way, you can be able to give them what they truly want and increase your income.
  • Search Console

Search Console helps you know how your business, products, and services are doing on Google’s search result pages.
Through Search Console, you will be able to find out your most ranked contents and the number of times they were clicked on.
It also enables you to find out the locations they were clicked from.
  • Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an advertisement service by Google that enables businesses display ads on Google’s search result pages and partner websites using specific keywords.
With Adwords you can reach thousands of people from different locations within a day, giving your business the full exposure it needs to blossom.

Google Adsense, is a cost-per-click (CPC) and revenue sharing program that allows publishers make money from their contents by displaying related ads from Google on their sites.
As an online business owner, Adsense enables you to make money from your business while Google does all the work involved.

Youtube by Google is the largest video sharing platform in the world that allows you to upload videos of different formats and sizes for free.
Thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers have taken advantage of the opportunity Youtube presents to reach more people with their products and services, thereby increasing their earnings.
Unlike other video sharing platforms, Youtube receives billions of searches everyday and the best thing is there is no limit to the number or size of videos you can upload on the platform. I consider that to be a strong reason you should setup an account for your business.
Apart from the above mentioned reasons, Youtube also allows you to monetize your videos by displaying ads on them and get paid everytime a user clicks on those ads.
  • Blogger

Blogger or Blogspot is a free blogging platform owned by Google. It enables you to create a blog for yourself or your business through which you can reach more people and also make more money.
With a blogspot blog, you can easily apply for an Adsense hosted account an get approved almost instantly and start monetizing your content by displaying related ads on it.
However, with this blogspot blog you are limited in some ways since it is a “free” stuff. You will have to abide by certain rules and regulations in order for your blog not to be deleted from the platform.
That is the only disadvantage with Blogger that you may face while using the platform.
You can start with it and when your traffic and earnings have grown, you can then decide to host your business blog yourself on any of the web hosting companies below.
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