Okash Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and Verified Social Media Pages


Are you searching online for Okash customer care phone number, Whatsapp number, email address or social media pages?

This is the right page for you. In this guide, I’ll show you how to contact Okash Nigeria customer service representatives via phone call, Whatsapp chatting, email and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Read on!

Introducing Okash

Okash is an online lending mobile app that allows users to borrow money whenever they need it. You can borrow from N1000 to N500,000 over the space of time. The more you borrow and repay your loan, you build up your credit history, giving you an access to higher loans.

There are several ways to repay your loan. This includes online and offline methods.

Want to know the customer care number for Okash? Keep reading.

Who Owns Okash?

Okash loan app is owned by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited. A duly certified financial institution in Nigeria.

Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited was registered with CBN on the 22nd of August, 2009.

The company’s address is at 84, Abule Nla Road, Ebutte Metta, Lagos State, Nigeria.

You can visit the office to lay your complaints physically or contact them using any of the channels revealed below.

Okash Loan Customer Care Number

To speak with Okash Nigeria customer service agents via phone call, dial any of the following numbers:

  • 08097755512
  • 08097755514

Before dialling any of the hotlines, ensure you have your account and loan details ready. To avoid wasting both your time and call credits.

Okash Customer Care Email Address

You can also contact Okash loan customer service team via email.

To do that, simply compose a mail from your phone or computer and send it to the official Okash email address: [email protected]

In less than 48 hours, you will receive a response from the customer support team addressing the issue you raised.

You can also use [email protected] if you didn’t get a timely response from the first email address.

Okash Customer Care Whatsapp Number

One easy way to speak with the loan app customer care agents is by using the official Okash Whatsapp numbers: 09019099999, 09011577777.

The challenge with this method though is that there are multiple numbers used by the customer care centre on Whatsapp.

If you don’t get a response from them after messaging them on WhatsApp, I’ll advise you to exercise a little patience till 3 days before your loan’s due date.

As soon as it’s 3 days to your loan repayment date, the customer service agents will start trying to reach out to you to remind you of it. Part of the ways they do this is via WhatsApp chat.

All you need to do is keep checking your Whatsapp for messages from them.

Okash Customer Support Social Media Pages

Okash is also available on social networking platforms. Facebook, Twitter etc.

Simply reach out to them by following their verified pages. After that, you can forward whatever message you want to them.

Final Words

We have in this guide discussed the various ways to contact Okash for any issue you are having with your account or loan repayment.

Have you been searching online for Okash customer care phone number, Whatsapp number, email address or social media pages?

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