Best Loan Apps for iPhone Users in Nigeria


Where are my Apple smartphone users? This one is for you. Let’s talk about best loan apps for iPhone users. 

We all know how tough things have been since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Last year, a lot of people were out of Jobs for over 6months with no alternative. 

This year has been about building ourselves back up and learning to live and work with the way things are right now. It goes without saying that things have been quite hard recently and everyone has been looking for ways to meet up. 

One great way is by taking Loans from some of the Loan platforms available. This page reveals some of the best loan apps for iphone users in Nigeria.

How Does Loan Apps Work?

Loan Apps are personal credit platforms that let you borrow money without having to leave the comfort of your device, in this case, an iPhone. 

These platforms provide loans based on some terms unique to them. However some things are the same; you are provided with a loan that you’re to pay back, usually with a percentage interest over a period of time. 

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List Of The Best Loan Apps for iPhone Users In Nigeria

  • Carbon

Carbon, available to both Android and iPhone users is one of the most popular Apps for getting Loans. It actually runs as an online bank that is open to giving credit to its users. 

With a free Carbon account, you can pay your bills, transfer money, get instant loans and enjoy high-interest savings. 

Their loan facilities are available 24/7 and require no collaterals or Guarantors. Your ability to borrow on the platform increases based on how fast you pay off your standing loan.

  • Branch

Branch Mobile App is also available to Apple iphone users. On this platform, you are also able to borrow without any Collateral or Guarantors. You just need to download the app and apply for the loan after providing information such as your Bank Verification Number and Bank details. 

For a first time user, you are only permitted to borrow a maximum of 10,000 naira. Your loan takes about 1 to 3 hours to be approved.

  • PalmCredit

The PalmCredit app is designed to give fast credit to low and middle income earners. The moment you download the PalmCredit App, you are entitled to a loan after meeting a set of pre-determined parameters and undergoing a background check. 

This Loan app does not require any collateral. Like most Loan Apps, your borrowing capacity increases according to how fast you pay your previous loans. Paying on time also entitles you to a reduction of the interest rate.

  • FairMoney

FairMoney is another loan app available to iPhone users. This apps offers a variety of Loan options including; single payment loans, installment loans and payroll loans for borrowers. 

This system is a bit unique because it takes the payment directly from your bank. It has a lower credit limit of 10,000naira and an upper credit limit of 40,000naira for new users. It also has no requirement for Collateral or Guarantors.

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Final Words

That’s it on the Loan Apps for iPhone users. Have you been searching for best mobile loan applications for iOS smartphones?

I hope you find the information here useful. Also check out some of the best loan mobile applications for Android Phones.

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