How To Make Yam Porridge in Nigeria (Ingredients and Steps to Prepare It)

One beautiful Nigerian Delicacy that gets appetite whet every time happens to be yam Porridge!

It is true that Nigeria is blessed with amazing food and delicacies. Nigeria has an unending list of sweet and healthy meals.

Yam porridge happens to be one of the favorite of many Nigerians. While we are not certain of it’s origin or which ethnic group can lay total claim to this beautiful meal, it is one of the meals that are generally loved by almost everyone in the country.

Some call it yam pottage while others call it porridge. It actually has the same meaning. There’s no conflict there. Infact, yam Porridge is known to many people as Asaro.

Today, we’d be looking at how to make Yam Porridge, the ingredients and the steps to prepare it.

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Here are the ingredients needed for the preparation of yam porridge:

  • Red palm oil (enough for color)
  • Smoked fish
  • Crayfish (preferably grinded)
  • Onions
  • Maggi cubes
  • Pepper and salt
  • Fresh green( eg pumpkin or scent leaf)
  • Yam tuber

Now that you have all the ingredients that you need to prepare the meal, let’s now go inti the process properly.

Steps In Making Nigerian Yam Porridge

Step 1- cut, wash and boil your tuber of yam. As much as you want actually. It could be half the tuber or the entire tuber. It’s your call.  Allow this to cook for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: add in your crayfish, onions, pepper, fish, salt. This should be added while the yam is still cooking to allow the taste blend perfect.

Step 3- add the palm oil and allow this to cook for a short while.

Step 4- add in your chopped fresh greens to the pot. After doing this. Allow the food to cook for a while, carefully mix and leave to cook for a little time.

You can turn off the heat in about 3 minutes because by now, your food should be ready to be served.

This process of cooking yam porridge is very easy to follow. Although, in the comfort of your home, you may decide to experiment t his using a different approach and that’s fine too.

You may also decide to add other ingredients to this, other proteins to. You could try adding kponmo, goat meat or beef. Whatever you’re comfortable with trying. Don’t forget to boil the meat before adding it in.

Follow this easy guide and you would be okay.

In learning how to make Yam Porridge, it’s important to know that the process. Like every other thing on God’s green earth, is evolving by the day.

So please keep an open mind in this regard, be ready to try out new things.

Did you enjoy this little guide? Let us know in the comment section. Is there a different approach you use in making yam Porridge? We’d love to know. Tell us.

Until the next time, keep making those amazing meals and keep staying beautiful!

Image credit: Tasticity (YouTube)

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