Top 10 Tasty Snacks In Nigeria: Locally Made Snacks From Different Parts Of The Country

 Hello beautiful people. Have you guys noticed anything about the snacks in Nigeria?

I’m talking about the Locally made Snacks from different parts of the country. No? Well then, I’ll tell you what I’ve noticed about them.

One is they’re very many. Numerous in number. And they’re absolutely delicious. I mean, each snack is a hit.

I tell you, if it’s a Nigerian made snack then it’s absolutely delicious.

The Best Nigerian Snacks I’ve Had

We’re going to be talking about some of our favorite snacks in a minute but first, I want you to take some time to consider the first time you had meat pie. That heavenly first bite you had.

You see growing up, meat pies happened to be my favorite snack.

Each time my daddy took us out, we ( I more particularly) always look forward to the cold fanta and hot meat pie! O my!

I could go on a hundred errands just to ensure that nothing ruins my chance at that heavenly meat pie. It was worth it. It was always worth it. That was my most favorite snack.

I’m sure you’re thinking of yours right now. Haha!

Well currently in Nigeria, there are a few snacks that stand out to me.

The first would be Meat Pie of course. I think the creative mind behind this snack is just genius. I mean, what could be better than biting into the dough and the meeting very fabulous tastes of beef inside. That’s just priceless.

I’m not talking about the scam meat pies those sellers hawk o! Those ones that have nothing but potatoes inside. No. I mean the real ones with beef. Those are amazing.

Next would be chicken pie. This one is another miracle. Brothers and sisters! I’m sure that you all would agree that the taste of chicken on a stressful day can simply make all things seem a little better at least.

That’s what chicken pie does to me. That merged together with a cold bottle of drink. Ha! Heaven!
Now let’s talk about puff-puff. Yes! Say it louder!

Puff-puff brings up a lot of childhood memories for me. Those days in primary school, during break period. I’d take the 50naira my mommy gives me and buy 20naira puff puff. I’d also buy 10naira ice cream.

Then I’d go to my private corner and enjoy my junk. It was always a beautiful feeling. Puff-puff is a boss.

Next, there’s Doughnut!! Those round, puffy, golden brown goodness with just enough space in the middle for you to put in a finger, hold it up and chew!

This one will always be amazing. Forever in our hearts.

Now we’ll go ahead to list out some more snacks in Nigeria. These include:

  • Jam pie
  • Buns
  • Egg roll
  • Hot dog
  • Fish pie
  • Jam doughnut etc

There are so many Snacks in Nigeria. We’d love for you to tell us your favorites. Tell us which one is the local snack from your own part of the country.

Image credit: The Cooking Foodie (YouTube)

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