How To Open Zenith Bank Account Online In 5 Minutes With Your Phone, Tablet Or Computer

Are you searching for how to open Zenith Bank account online in Nigeria? You’ve come to the right place.

When you visit the official Zenith Bank Account Opening Portal, the first message you will see is:

“Welcome to the Zenith Bank Account Opening Portal. Opening a Zenith Bank account is easier than ever before. Select what you would like to do”

How To Open Zenith Bank Account Online In 5 Minutes With Your Phone, Tablet Or Computer

This always leaves people confused on what to do next. If you are among those searching on Google for “how to open Zenith Bank savings account online”, I created this guide to help you.
This article explains the full procedures involved in Zenith Bank online account opening. In this post, you will learn about how to use the Zenith Bank account opening portal to open a Savings account, Current account or Business Account in less than 5 minutes.
Gone are the days when you need to enter the Zenith Bank building to open an account with them. Now you can do everything from the comfort of your home, without stress.
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Zenith Account Opening Portal

Through the Zenith Bank online account opening portal, you can instantly open any type of account using your mobile phone, Tablet or Personal Computer. This is possible because the bank has made the account opening web engine easy to understand, navigate and use.
Regardless of the make of your phone, you can easily access the portal an create a Zenith Bank Savings Account, Zenith Bank Current Account, Zenith Bank Corporate Account or Zenith Bank Business Account. The processes involved in this do not take more than a few minutes.

Criteria For Opening Zenith Account Online

The requirements for opening any type of an account with Zenith Bank online are not much. The following are some the things you will need to open the account online successfully:
 1. Bank Verification Number
 2. Active Phone Number
 3. A Valid Email Address
 4. Date Of Birth
 5. Current Address
 6. Certificate Of Business Registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission (for those opening a business or corporate account)
 7. Utility Bill (Nepa Bill etc) and
 8. Recent Passport Photograph.
If you all these items mentioned here, you are eligible to open a Zenith Bank account online. Proceed to the portal immediately and begin the account opening process fully.

Who Can Create Zenith Online Bank Account?

Anybody can open an account with the bank online. Provided you are up to 18 years old, which means you are an adult, you can create an account with the bank through the portal.
The Zenith Bank online account creation is not for Nigerians alone. You can open it from Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Niger, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and any other African country where the bank operates. All you need to do is indicate your country on the portal and you will be redirected to the right site for you.

How Much Do I Need To Have Before Opening The Account Online?

N0.0K. Do you know what that means? That means you can open a Zenith Bank Savings Account with Zero Naira. That is, without any money at all. The same thing is applicable to the Current Account, Business Account and other types of accounts offered by the bank.
You don’t need any money to create the account. You can open it with absolutely nothing. After the account opening, you can then proceed to make your first deposit using the details of the account.

The Full Procedure For Opening A Zenith Bank Account Online (Step By Step)

Are you searching online for how to open Zenith Bank account with your phone, tablet or PC? Follow the steps below to create your Zenith Bank Savings Account, Current Account or Business Account now.
Step 1: Visit the official Zenith Bank Account Opening Portal using your mobile phone or computer.
The moment you open the portal, you see a message displayed on your screen saying, “Welcome to the Zenith Bank Account Opening Portal. Opening a Zenith Bank account is easier than ever before. Select what you would like to do”

Step 2: Click on “Open With BVN” to use your Bank Verification Number in opening the account or select “Open Without BVN” to use other methods.
Step 3: If you selected “Open With BVN”, you will find the account opening form where you are to enter your Bank Verification Number, your phone number (linked to your BVN) and date of birth. Be sure to enter the correct information on the form.
Step 4: After entering  the first set of information you are asked to enter on the form, click on “Verify”.
Step 5: Your Bank Verification Number will be fully verified by the bank in less than 30 seconds. If everything goes well, another page will open with a much bigger form where you are to upload your recent utility bill and fill other information required of you.
Step 6: Once you are done with filling the last set of information needed from you by the bank, click on “Submit”. In less than a minute, your new Zenith Bank Account number and details will be displayed on your screen.
Congratulations! You have successfully opened your Zenith Bank Account Online. Enjoy it.

In Summary

To open a Zenith Bank account online is not as difficult as most people think. With an access to the internet, you can log on the bank’s official Account Opening website and register for an account instantly.
I have revealed in this post how I successfully opened my Zenith Bank Savings Account online.
Do you need to create an account with the bank via the internet? Take a clue from how I opened mine here and open yours too.
Believe me, it far simpler than it sounds. Even a dummy can do it. Especially with this guide.
I hope you find this post when searching on Google and other search engines for how to open Zenith Bank Account Online with Zero money!

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