Does Walmart Hire Felons?

Does Walmart Hire Felons?

You’ve got your resume ready, and you’re looking for work. But before you start that job hunt, there’s something awkward to ask: Do employers or Walmart hire felons?

This question can be especially daunting if you have a felony conviction. Worrying about how it may affect your employment search is understandable.

But don’t worry; you’re not alone in this boat. Many people with felony convictions are employed and living successful lives, and many got their start at Walmart.

That’s right! Walmart’s policy allows them to consider hiring individuals with felony convictions.

In this article, we’ll explore how the process works and provide some tips on how to make the most of your job search.

 Let’s take a look!

Does Walmart Hire Felons?

If you have a felony record and are looking for a job, you may wonder if Walmart is an option. The answer is yes; there are opportunities available.

Walmart may have specific criteria to evaluate the qualifications of individuals with a felony record, but there is no blanket policy on this issue. 

Walmart reviews each situation to assess whether someone with a felony can be hired.

Their hiring practices are primarily contingent on the type and severity of the offense in question and the length of time since it occurred.

Because each candidate’s case is unique, Walmart encourages felons to apply and discuss their situation while interviewing. 

This can help Walmart make an informed decision on whether or not to hire someone with a felony conviction.

So regardless of your background, consider applying at Walmart. They consider each application on a case-by-case basis.

Walmart’s Overall Hiring Policy

When it comes to Walmart’s hiring practices, there is no overall policy when it comes to felons. Their hiring decisions for everyone—including felons—are based on a case-by-case basis.

Walmart does have specific guidelines that they follow when considering someone for a job at their stores, such as:

  1. The severity and nature of your offense
  2. The time that has elapsed since the offense was committed
  3. Your work and personal history
  4. Your ability to successfully perform the job duties
  5. The location where you’re applying for the job

In general, many Walmart locations in some U.S. cities accept applications from felons and give them a fair chance at employment. So long as they meet the qualifications specified above and pass a background check. 

That being said, while some locations may give felons a second chance at employment, others may be more hesitant to do so. It’s important to always check with the individual store you’re applying to before submitting your application.

Hiring Policy for Felons

Yes, Walmart does indeed hire felons. The company has a hiring policy they adhere to when considering applicants with criminal backgrounds. 

Providing job opportunities to those who have served their sentence fits into their mission of offering opportunities and second chances to everyone.

Some qualifications must be met for a felon to be eligible for employment at Walmart.

The following is needed:

  1. The felon must not have been convicted of any felony within the last seven years.
  2. Specific categories of felony convictions, such as those involving violence, drugs, theft, or dishonesty, are not eligible for consideration.
  3. The individual must pass an extensive background check.
  4. The individual must meet all other basic qualifications required by the job application.

Walmart’s policy is based on the idea that everyone deserves a chance at redemption.

This is why their policy is more lenient than that of many other large companies when it comes to hiring felons. 

That said, every person’s situation is unique, and there is no guarantee of being hired, even if they meet the abovementioned qualifications.

Additional Resources for Felons Seeking Employment

If you’re a formerly incarcerated individual looking to change and return to the workforce,

Walmart can be a great option. Additional resources can help; some employers share the same ideology as Walmart. 

Here’s a list of some helpful tips for getting employed:

  1. Take advantage of programs provided through your parole or probation office, such as GED classes, job training, and job placement services. These can be very helpful in getting you back on track.
  2. Check out nonprofits that specialize in helping felons find employment. These organizations offer advice on resume writing, interviewing techniques, and more.
  3. Keep an open mind about job opportunities, and don’t give up hope even if you have to take an entry-level job or start part-time while you build your resume and list of references.
  4. Network with people who know you or have heard good things about you. This will help increase job prospects in the long run.
  5. Don’t undersell yourself—you have something to offer that no one else does, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and show off your skills!

By using these resources and following these tips, you’ll be able to find gainful employment much faster than you think.

Don’t let a criminal record define your life. With hard work and persistence, many job opportunities exist for felons at Walmart and beyond!

Examples of Jobs Available to Felons at Walmart

What types of jobs does Walmart offer felons? The good news is that plenty of entry-level positions are available, such as cashier, stocker, and customer service associate. 

These are all jobs that will provide felons with the opportunity to gain valuable experience and start down the road to a successful career.

Mid-level opportunities like loss prevention specialists and assistant store managers are also available at Walmart.

And for those looking for more senior positions, there’s the potential to become a store manager or even a regional vice president.

Whatever job you choose, Walmart provides its employees great benefits like competitive pay, flexible schedules, and access to health insurance.

 So it’s worth considering when looking for employment.

The Role of the State in Determining Felon Employment Rights

Another thing you may need to learn is that state policies can play a significant role in determining your rights as a felon looking for employment.

Depending on where you live, certain limitations may be placed on felons related to certain types of work.

State Laws

In some states, laws prohibit employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal background until after an initial interview or after the job offer has been extended. 

Some states have laws that protect those with criminal convictions from workplace discrimination, while others don’t.

Employment Rights

In some cases, employers must provide reasonable accommodation for those with a disability resulting from a criminal conviction and individuals who need assistance finding suitable work.

So, knowing your rights when finding employment as a felon is essential.

If you are looking for employment as a felon, it’s essential to understand the laws of your state and how they pertain to your situation:

  • Know what jobs felons may be allowed to do in your state.
  • Ensure you know any restrictions or accommodations employers must make when considering hiring felons.
  • Find resources and organizations that can help guide you through searching for suitable work.
  • Research any job openings that fit within the boundaries of your state’s laws.
  • Follow up on any applications and stay positive throughout the process.
  • Understanding the laws and regulations in your state is vital when looking for employment as a felon. It can help ensure you are given an opportunity based on merit rather than blanket exclusion due to past choices.

Tips for Navigating the Job Search as a Felon

Here are some tips for navigating the job search as a felon:

1. Research different employers in advance.

Research companies that offer opportunities for felons and understand what their background check procedures entail.

Some employers are open to hiring felons, while some may not be.

2. Know the laws in your state

 Research what local and state laws govern hiring former felons in your area–it’s different from state to state.

3. Network 

Connect with people in your industry or field who can support your job search or even connect you with a potential employer.

4. Start with entry-level jobs

 Once you’ve determined which employers hire felons in your area, look for entry-level positions that may help you gain experience while earning a steady income.

5. Stay positive

 Finally, always be prepared and stay positive throughout the job search–your attitude can make all the difference!


Does Walmart hire felons?” The answer is yes. Walmart is one of the many companies willing to hire felons case-by-case.

They also offer other services, like job training and mentoring, that can help felons find successful employment. 

It’s important to remember that every convicted felon’s background is different, and it can be challenging to get hired. 

However, if you have the right skills, a positive attitude, and references, there’s a good chance that Walmart will allow you to work.

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