Salary Of The Nigerian Army: Their Ranks And Logo/Symbols Included

Are you searching online for salary of the Nigerian Army? This is the right article for you. This page features Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary. You will also find their logos or symbols here.

The Nigerian Military ranks among the top 10 most powerful and respected military in Africa.

Within the country, Army officers are feared and accorded even more respect than lawyers, Police, Civil Defence, Nigeria Immigration officers and several others.

As a result of this, it’s very common to come across questions like “what is the current salary of Nigerian army” or what is the salary scale of Nigerian army” on Google.

Other ways these questions are being asked on search engines include “what is the salary of Nigerian army by rank” and “how much salary for Nigeria army”.

Others have even narrowed it down to “salary of doctors in the Nigerian army”.

However you are asking these questions online, you will find answers to them in this very post. Just continue reading.

The Nigerian Army Ranks And Salary Structure

Unlike several career options out there, the Nigerian Military have a clearly defined salary structure.

The amount of money army officers receive as their salary, allowance or bonus, all depends on this particular structure.

No even a PIN can go to any officer outside that which is clearly stipulated or defined by the structure. The essence of that is to ensure that officers of the army gets paid accordingly and that those in the higher ranks do not deprive the junior ones what is due to them.

The military salary ensures that every army officer gets a true reward for his efforts and as at when due.

The salary structure is divided into two: the salary structure for commissioned officers and the salary structure for non-commissioned officers.

In case you are wondering meaning of the terms “commissioned officers” and “non-commissioned officers”, check out their meanings below.

1. A commissioned officer in the Nigerian army is an experienced military officer who have achieved a higher rank as a result of academic studies, trainings, individual or group achievement, political appointment or selection by top ranked officers. Commissioned officers highly respected in the military and are well paid.

2. A non-commissioned officer is a regular military personnel who simply passed through the extensive 6 months training required of all army officers at the beginner level. The salary of non-commissioned are far lower than that of the commissioned officers.

Below is a complete breakdown of that salary scale.

Nigerian Army Salary By Rank

Here is how much Nigerian Military officers receive as salary based on their ranks:

Nigerian Army Ranks And Salary For Commissioned Officers

  • Second Lieutenant:   N120,000
  • Lieutenant: N180,000
  • Captain:   N220,000
  • Major:  N300,000
  • Lt. Colonel:  N350,000
  • Colonel: N550,000
  • Brigadier General:  N750,000
  • Major General: N950,000
  • Lt. General: N1 million
  • General: N1.5 million

Nigerian Army Ranks And Salary For Non Commissioned Officers

  • Corporal: N58,000
  • Sergeant: N63,000
  • Staff Sergeant: N68,000
  • Warrant Officer: N80,000
  • Master Warrant Officer: N90,000

Nigerian Army Ranks And Logos/Symbols

Check out the logos or symbols of the different Nigerian army ranks below.

Salary Of The Nigerian Army: Their Ranks And Logo/Symbols Included

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